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Press Statement issued by the Chief Constable on the closure of military bases in Northern Ireland, 9 May 2000

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Press statement issued by the Chief Constable Sir Ronnie Flanagan, on the closure of military bases in Northern Ireland, 9 May 2000

The Chief Constable, Sir Ronnie Flanagan, today (May 9) announced that he had conducted an assessment of the overall security threat now to be faced.

In consultation with the General Officer Commanding (Northern Ireland) he has concluded that, notwithstanding a significant ongoing threat posed by dissidents, the week-end's events represent a real lowering of the overall threat.

This, he said, makes appropriate the following steps, which will be taken as soon as logistically possible, with work to commence within weeks:

  • demolition  of  the army base in Cookstown, County Tyrone

  • vacation of the Fort George army base on the west bank of the river Foyle in Londonderry, with the land to be returned to the Londonderry Harbour Commissioners

  • demolition of the Cloghogue observation base in South Armagh and

  • vacation of the observation posts at Broadway and Templer House, in Belfast.

Subject to continuing reduction in the level of threat, these steps will be followed, within three months, by the demolition of the observation sangar overlooking The Square, in Crossmaglen.

The Chief Constable added that a further review of possible normalisation steps will then be conducted in three months' time in light of the security threat prevailing at the time and the circumstances on the ground.

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