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Note of Meeting between DUP and IICD, 25 October 2001

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Note of the meeting, on Thursday 25 October 2001, between the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and the Independent International Commission on Decommissioning (IICD). Note taken and released by the DUP. Meeting was held to discuss the IRA's act of decommissioning (on 23 October 2001). The DUP delegation comprised Ian Paisley, Peter Robinson, Iris Robinson, Nigel Dodds.

Where did this decommissioning event take place? I don't know. I cannot tell you in what country it took place. It could either have been in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland or Scotland.

Were you taken to more than one location? No, there was only one event.

Who was present to witness decommissioning? The IRA representative was present. The three members of the commission and a number of others representing the IRA. There were no government or security members present. To my knowledge no video recording or photographic record of the event was made.

How long were you present at the event for? More than one minute, but less than 12 hours.

How many arms were decommissioned? I cannot tell you but ideally this should have been made public.

How much ammunition was decommissioned? I can't answer that question.

How much explosive material was decommissioned? I can't answer that question.

What category of weaponry was put beyond use? I can't even answer that question.

Did the commission regard the act or the amount of decommissioning as being significant? It was the act that was significant. Since I have been here I have seen wall murals which has said, "Not a bullet, not an ounce". In that context the event was significant.

Do you regard this meeting with the DUP as significant? Yes, of course I do.

Would you have regarded it as a significant event if only one gun, one bullet and one ounce of Semtex had been put beyond use? Yes, I would have regarded that as being significant.

What was the method of decommissioning? I can't answer that.

Would more decommissioning take place? I do not know but I am in the process of arranging to meet the IRA's representative again for a meeting. Whether that leads to another event I cannot say.

When would decommissioning be complete? I do not know.

Was there any timetable for decommissioning? I have not received any timetable for decommissioning.

What happened when you finished observing the event? We left the area.

So you left the site and its contents in the charge of the IRA - could the process have been reversed after you left? It was my judgement that it could not.

Have you given any details to the Prime Minister, anyone in government or David Trimble beyond what you have told us today? No, no one, including the Prime Minister or the Secretary of State, has been told any more than you.

What is the latest position in relation to any act of decommissioning from loyalists? I am seeking to meet representatives of the loyalist groups in the near future.

DUP Conclusion of the meeting
The Delegation was astounded David Trimble had recommended that his party re-enter the Executive Committee and the Prime Minister, Secretary of State and Chief Constable are proceeding with the destruction of army installations and providing terrorists with an amnesty on the basis of an unspecified event, where an unspecified number of weapons, of an unspecified type, were put beyond use in an unspecified way, at an unspecified location.

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