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'The Great Conspiracy to Destroy Ulster' by S.S.Herron (n.d.,1971?)

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Text: S.S. Herron ... Page Compiled: Fionnuala McKenna
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book cover The Great Conspiracy
to Destroy Ulster

by S. S. Herron (n.d.,1971?)
Paperback 16pp Out of Print

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TODAY, THE PROVINCE OF ULSTER (a part of the United Kingdom by consent of its citizen’s) is grappling with violent aggression by a Catholic-Republican minority, whose terror tactics include the bullet, the bomb, and the lying smear. Their stated intention is to have Ulster forcibly grafted into the Southern Republic—a sectarian, priest-controlled state where civil rights’ are interpreted by its Government as "Catholic rights," and where the Roman Hierarchy have always exercised an illegitimate interference in political and social matters. This subversive plan Ulster people will resist to the very utmost.


The present phase of the struggle is a worldwide denigration of Stormont, Westminster, and the forces of law and order, allied to a carefully engineered propaganda war alleging Protestant suppression of the Catholic minority.

It is now well known that Communists and Republicans have joined hands and voices to make Ireland (North and South) a "Cuban Red Republic,’ a springboard for Red aggression at England’s back door. Note well the willingness of Mr. Jack Lynch, Premier of the Southern Irish Republic to accept Communist assistance in the war against England and the suggestion from one of his ministers to call in Russian advisers. To screen the undemocratic civil wrongs of their vile plot they have fabricated the cover story of fifty years’ misrule by the Ulster Government. The truth is that these Catholic anarchists have spent the past five decades arming themselves in bitter sectarian, tribal hate, plotting for the day when they could impose (violently, if necessary) their sectarian socialism or clerical, Fascist-type dogmas upon the British majority in Ulster. These Irish Catholic bigots are out of touch with the twentieth century; they belong to a past age of bitter Catholic intolerance which, thank God, is gradually dying out, even if it is being reluctantly forced to do so. We declare that for fifty-year mis-fits to talk of fifty years’ of misrule is not unusual. Also, we say emphatically that the severing of Ulster from the rest of the United Kingdom would extinguish forever the light of democracy and personal freedom in the whole island of Ireland. Those who deny civil and human rights by their religious decretals and narrow sectarian dogmas to suddenly spring up as the champions of "civil rights" should be enough to make any thinking person pause and wonder.


Tragically, the world’s press have been hypnotised by the Irish Catholic big-lie treatment (which is only paralleled by the Hitler Catholic technique) to the extent that, while world opinion sympathises with a downtrodden (?) minority, the long-laid scheme for rebellion, aimed at destroying all democratic government, presses on to a swift conclusion. The irony is this: The enemies of civil rights are marching under the banner of civil rights to effectively remove civil rights from all Ireland, North and South; to make all Ireland a clerical Republic like the South; where the Roman Church tells the elected government what it may or may not do. In short, the Catholic Republican and I.R.A. criminals’ lip service to democracy and civil rights stands exposed as a vile stunt designed to solicit the sympathy of all who sincerely believe in true democratic practice. Their charges of repression are meant to denote something quite different to what they really mean in practice. We surely state the obvious when we say that active rebels and anarchists in any civilised society must surely believe themselves to be suppressed, as do the criminals in any prison. But no state can be expected to make provision for its own destruction by tying a rebel rope around its own throat.

The world must understand that the State of Ulster has every right (civil and human) to protect its loyal, law-abiding citizens from marauding antisocial anarchists, be they "Roman" or "Red." For this no apology is needed.

The fifty years’ misrule myth is a fifty years old fallacy, concocted by subversionists to excuse planned rebellion.


The Church of Rome has never withheld her active support for rebellion in Ireland.

During the Irish rebellion of 1917 approval and special blessing was given by the Pope, who held a secret audience with Count Plunkett before the rebellion broke out. Thus the murder gangs of 1917 had Papal approval for their assassination of British soldiers and policemen, who were murdered then, as now, in cold blood. And this at a time when Britain’s back was against the wall in World War 1. Count Plunkett tells us that His Holiness was deeply moved to learn the details of the uprising, and especially to be told when it would break out. He blessed all the boys "who would be facing death for Ireland."

Cardinal McCrory also condemned the wicked British and added: "Our ancient land made one by God was Partitioned by a foreign Power against the protest of its people."

Cardinal Logue gave to all Irish rebels the blessing they sought by stating: "The people of Southern Ireland will be blind to their own interests if they remain patient under partition: While this open sore remains there cannot be peace or cooperation."

The Church of Rome gave the gunman its blessing and justified him for the foulest deeds of Irish history; that it can deny them now the same privileges is hardly possible.

Our overseas readers must know the true facts: Ireland (North and South) needs prayer; it needs Christ; and it needs the full Gospel.

Only Divine intervention can save us from the evil designs of wicked men. Pray for us.

IF THERE IS A SPECIFIC TRADEMARK UPON satanic activity in the fields of human political, or religious conflict, it must surely be that of total disregard for truth and an insane passion for falsehood.

This being so, the great lie about Ulster (and the desperate efforts of those who propagate it to smother the truth) must be evidence in full of the cloven hoof of the "father of lies" upon the Ulster scene in these terrible days of violence.

The enemies of democracy, freedom and social justice have run amok, while the law enforcement agencies of the Governments at Westminster and Stormont have had their hands tied behind their backs, by lying smears and judicial enquiries:

Even the most politically naive now recognise that the only reason for the vicious campaign of murder and destruction of property is to destroy democratic government as well as the peace and prosperity of Northern Ireland. The terrorists’ real objective is the subjugation of Protestant Northern Ireland by the Southern Irish Republic, where the papacy rules the people, and where the elected government sits uneasily somewhere in between.


It is time the truth about Ulster and Ireland was told in plain terms. The Republican’s lying propaganda has circled the globe. It has been repeated by spokesmen who have been nurtured in a system which regards truth and falsehood as. properties to be legitimately compounded to suit circumstances. The Catholic doctors of moral theology, with full approval of their Church have actually legislated for deliberate deception and the murder of political opponents. Thus the textbook from which Ulster’s sectarian enemies have been tutored provides them with a scruple-free go ahead in treachery against our State whose constitution does not please their ecclesiastical overlord at Rome nor his subordinates at Maynooth. It was the implementation of these diabolical social evils (based on Rome’s moral theology) that caused the expulsion of Jesuitical societies from dozens of countries throughout the world. What is not generally realised is that England and Ireland are today infested with these clerical locusts


We shudder to think just what it would be like to live in a society dominated by devilish principles such as the "code of ethics" (?) of the anti-Ulster sectarian anarchists who without even blushing talk hypocritically of justice, truth and civil rights.

The following are a few examples of "Catholic truth" which explain as nothing else will just why there is a continual clamour for "enquiries" into the police, the British Army and the people of Ulster, with witnesses galore to testify against the forces of law and order.

Let the Catholic Church’s moral theologians explain and the readers judge for themselves.

"It is allowable to take an oath without having the intention of keeping it" (Sanchez)

What kind of justice can we expect from any court of enquiry where the witnesses practice this diabolical principle?

"Is a witness bound to declare the truth before a legitimate judge, even after swearing himself to do so? Not if his deposition will injure himself, his family, or his property." (Taberna)

What enquiry could arrive at an honest conclusion based on "testimonies" geared to this evil principle?

"For a just cause it is lawful to use equivocation." (meaning to tell lies to deliberately mislead) "and to confirm it with an oath." (Ligouri)

Is it any wonder that Ulster suffers from "a bad image;" an image created by the deliberate distortion of facts and downright lies?

One can see how the completely justifiable repression of anarchists, mad bombers, gunmen and their supporters—repression which amounted to restraining them from undermining the democratic State and tearing it to shreds—was distorted to mean injustice and discrimination against the Catholic minority: The political opportunists were able to discern that in any divided society there is always some discrimination (this applies equally to both sides): But they exploited and exaggerated this to suit their cause: What was true—some discrimination was made into a lie—total discrimination against the Catholic minority, while at the same time concealing from the world such facts as our Government’s 95 per cent grants towards the total cost of building Catholic parochial schools, (the Catholic Church in Ulster has steadfastly resisted integrated education), and the payment, by our State, of full salaries to the schools’ staff which includes a high percentage of priests and nuns. This twist was highly ingenious and changed discrimination on the grounds of fifty years of disloyalty and cynical insurrection into discrimination of a minority on religious grounds.


The present phase of the great conspiracy to destroy Ulster was firstly a conspiracy of falsehoods, trumped up charges and allegations—all designed to create the right climate for violence and the gangster. The stock Catholic Theological excuse to justify violence is always "tyranny:" Thus at its inception the so-called Civil Rights Movement set itself the task of denigrating Ulster throughout the world as a police state, where the Catholic minority were deliberately subjected to intolerable injustices under a Protestant Government. At the same time these wily Republican agitators publicly declared a policy of non-violence: whilst inciting others to violence. Like Pilate of old, they publicly washed their hands whilst the hands of those who acted upon their inflammatory propaganda dripped with innocent blood.

The sheer audacity, the cunning political effrontery with which the campaign was conducted fooled almost the entire world. The sombre "honest John" personalities who filled the local TV screens and world’s news media with heartrending bleatings about the terrible plight of the down-trodden minority went on night after night and month after month, ad nauseam, pleading for "civil rights" in Ulster.

Now that they have overplayed their hand, the truth is out: they now admit via the same TV screens and news media that it never was civil rights they were after but nothing less than the destruction of our democratic, British-linked State and the subsequent formation of an all-Ireland Republic. The Hume, Fitt, Devlin association has sown to the wind and today Ulster is reaping the whirlwind of death and destruction perpetrated in the name of their cause. These must go down in history as those who seduced Irishmen to hate one another, who set Catholic and Protestant neighbours at each other’s throats, thereby plunging a peacefully prosperous Province—where Catholic and Protestant has lived and worked together peacefully into a cauldron of hate and to the very knife edge of civil war itself.

To invite such subversionists or Irish Communist revolutionaries into a community Government, as some now suggest, is political insanity at its raging worst. These unscrupulous people do not want more—they want all, and they have said so publicly and on numerous occasions.

"FORGET 1690 AND 1916"

Forget the Dutchman and the crucial battle for British freedom fought and won on Irish soil at the Boyne River. This was the advice of Mr. Harold Wilson, Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition at Westminster as he addressed the people of Northern Ireland. He might as well have told us to forget Adam and Eve. How can we forget history when history has made us what we are? Can England forget Nelson, Wellington or Churchill? Can freedom-loving people ever forget the illustrious champions of the freedom they now enjoy? What of the immortal band of Christian statesmen and the noble army of martyrs who laid down their lives rather than submit England to the tyranny of popery? Mr. Wilson’s vitriolic anti-Ulster speech would have stuck in his throat if the great mass of his Liverpool constituency voters had been Protestant loyalists instead of Catholic Irish Republicans.


The Roman Catholic Church is acknowledged to be the most powerful voice in Southern Ireland’s politics. It was she who successfully blocked Dr. Noel Browne’s "Mother and Child" health scheme of 1950-51 in the Dublin Parliament and caused his resignation as Minister of Health. Dr. Browne (himself a Roman Catholic) refused to bend to the Catholic hierarchy by modifying his scheme. Consequently he was forced to resign, his colleagues repudiated him and the scheme was abandoned. The comment of "The Irish Times" (a strong pro-Catholic newspaper) was incisive: "The Roman Catholic Church would seem to be the effective government of the country." No student of Irish politics can fail to see the manipulating hand of Rome in much of Ireland’s political affairs. In some cases she will face both ways, ever ready to jump to the side which best suits her current policy.

But the other date which Mr. Wilson bids us forget namely 1916 will ever be remembered as the stab in the back for Protestant Britain by her ancient enemy the papacy.

The current conspiracy to destroy Ulster was preceded by the papal conspiracy to oust the British from all Ireland in 1916. Let it be emphasised that the present destruction and murder-gang campaign is in fact the continuation of 1916 in the city of Dublin. We cannot help but wonder how in all honesty the Catholic Church which blessed the murder gangs of 1916, even before they embarked upon their evil mission can possibly condemn them now for trying to finish the job—that of ousting the "wicked British" from United Kingdom territory in the six counties just as (and by the same murderous methods) they expelled them from the twenty-six counties with full church blessing and approval.


That the Irish rebellion of 1916 and therefore its continuation in Ulster today was blessed by the Pope who was given full details beforehand may still shock some people today. It certainly surprised the Irish from whom it was kept a closely-guarded secret from 1916-1933, when the Irish Press revealed for the first time that the terrible rebellion of 1916 had indeed received the special apostolic benediction of Pope Benedict 15. So while the Pope was smiling tenderly into the faces of English diplomats at a time when Britain was engaged in do-or-die struggle with Germany in World War 1, the same Pope was visited by Count Plunkett who spent two hours in secret audience telling him the details and the very date of the planned uprising by the Irish gunmen. The Pope gave his special blessing to a treacherous stab in the back for England and prayed for all the boys facing death for so-called "Ireland’s liberty" The Irish Catholic Bishops hotly denied this in 1933 and so also did some crimson-faced Vatican officials. But the Irish papal knight Count Plunkett sent the following confirmation of these facts to the Irish Press on May 26 1933:

"It is denied that I went to Rome before the uprising in 1916 to communicate with His Holiness Pope Benedict XV .. But I must disclose certain facts in the interests of truth: I went to Rome according to my instructions: There I was received by His Holiness; for nearly two hours we discussed the coming struggle for independence: The Pope was much moved when I disclosed the fact that the date for the rising was fixed and the reasons for that decision: Then he gave his apostolic benediction on the men facing death for Ireland’s liberty …"

The Editor of the "Irish Times" confirmed these facts In his editorial of the same copy the editor wrote: "Today Ireland learns for the first time one of the most moving and glorious stories in connection with the Easter week rising: Before it took place Pope Benedict XV received a mission from the Irish Volunteer Executive in the person of Count Plunkett. The Count had a private audience of two hours and disclosed to His Holiness the decision to rise and the date of the insurrection and received from him his apostolic benediction on the men facing death for Ireland’s liberty."

What is alarming is the fact that the British press and the BBC did not broadcast a word of this to the general public; again as so often before they shielded the papacy.

Another disclosure which raised not a few eyebrows was given by Mr. de Valera in 1926 also for the first time when he revealed to the Irish press that the notorious destroyer of British lives the gun gang leader Michael Collins was in fact a Catholic priest. This certainly explains his unique intelligence service. The confessional seems to have left British intelligence in a state of flux more than once. These facts are contained in Command Paper 1108 (1926) Priests backed the rebels by threatening with hell fire any Catholic members of the police force who sought to enforce conscription of the Irish to aid England in World War 1. They even authorised the public to slay any policeman who obeyed the State against the Church.

Add to this the fact that the Irish College at Rome was used as a clearing house for rebel intelligence and an Irish Catholic College in the South specialised in training secret agents to engage in nefarious missions across the Irish Sea.

Is it not then somewhat strange to say the least that the men who pursue the same policy now as then using the same savage methods and with the same ultimate objective, are being condemned (at least in public) by the Church which blessed them for the first half of the job.

A Catholic barrister, Mr. Sullivan K.C. writing to "The Times" newspaper (March 1939 asserted:
"The soldier of the Republic must be a Knight of the Blessed Sacrament: After a successful crime he must go to a shrine and burn candles and tattle rosary beads that will impress recruits with the holiness of his cause’’

During 1939-40 the cities of England suffered from the IRA murder and destruction gangs as "Knights of the Sacrament" thrust the knife into England’s back once more as in 1916. The comments of one leading IRA official in 1939 carry a special warning message to England today especially in view of the ghastly Aldershot tragedy when innocent lives were lost in the IRA bomb outrage ;"The IRA will soon show the British Government that its elaborate air-raid precautions are at the mercy of scores of IRA members who hold key posts. Thousands of Irishmen are involved in the war against Britain. Our expeditionary forces of secret agents in London and other English cities will blow up power stations, post offices and public buildings regardless of whether people are in them or not" (Associated Press, 8th June 1939 and published in the New York "Sun").

He was right! They did this to England and now they are doing it to the United Kingdom Province of Ulster. It fell to Enoch Powell (Conservative MP for Wolverhampton) to blow away the political fog which seems to have settled over some English attitudes to their fellow-citizens in Ulster. He did so with characteristic clarity and unanswerable logic "Our fate is linked up with our fellow-citizens in Belfast and Londonderry. If we say to them there is a limit to our patience we will make the best terms we can but your future is not to be part of us but part of another then we pronounce upon ourselves. For the nation which will not or cannot defend its own upon its own soil is not far from the point when it will not or cannot defend itself."

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