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'Bloody Friday', Belfast Friday 21 July 1972
- A Selected Reading List

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The following is a draft (v1) list of selected reading material on the events surrounding 'Bloody Friday', 21 July 1972. The reader should also consult the CAIN bibliography for further references for this subject and for the full citations of the following items.

Key Texts

There doesn't appear to be a book which exclusively deals with the subject of 'Bloody Friday' (if any user is aware of such a book could they please let us know by email).

General Reference Texts

The following texts contain some, limited, information on the events of 'Bloody Friday'.

Bardon. (1992). A History of Ulster.

Bew and Gillespie. (1993). Northern Ireland: A Chronology of the Troubles, 1968-1993.

Flackes and Elliott. (1994). Northern Ireland: A Political Directory, 1968-1993.


There was extensive newspaper coverage on the days following Friday 21 July 1972 and given the lack of other material this would prove a good starting point for any user with an interest in this topic.


The following articles deal more with the aftermath of the bombings than with the events of the day in Belfast.

Orme, S. (1972). 'After Bloody Friday: the view from Dublin', New Statesman, 28 July, pp.113-114.

Tereschuk, D. (1972). 'After Bloody Friday: the mood of Belfast', New Statesman, 28 July, p.113.

n.a. (1972). 'They want action', The Economist, vol.244, no.6727, 29 July, pp.13-14.

n.a. (1972). 'And yet more atrocity', The Economist, vol.244, 26 August, p.21.

Northern Ireland Office

Northern Ireland Office (NIO). (1972). Bloody Friday (news-sheet about 'Bloody Friday'). Belfast: NIO.

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