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Key Events - 'Bloody Friday', Belfast 21 July 1972

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Page Compiled: Martin Melaugh
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The pages below only provide brief information on the events of 'Bloody Friday'. There appears to have been much less material written about what happened on 21 July 1972 in Belfast than on many other events that occurred during 'the Troubles'. This, together with the fact that many of the initial newspaper accounts of the day were confused about the exact sequence of events, means that there are still some discrepancies in accounts of the day.
(If any user has information about the events of 'Bloody Friday' and is interested in making a contribution to the following pages, they should send an email message.)

  • selected reading list

  • summary of the main events of the day

  • background events leading up to 'Bloody Friday'

  • details of the main events during the day
    • Northern Ireland Office news-sheet about 'Bloody Friday'

  • names of the dead

  • details of source material


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