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Textile Details

'Fulmar', by Susan Hughes. (Photo: Martin Melaugh)
'Fulmar', by Susan Hughes. (Photo: Martin Melaugh)


Title of Textile:Fulmar
Maker: Susan Hughes
Country of Origin: Northern Ireland
Year Produced: 2020
Size (cm): 69.85cm (w) x 59.69cm (h)
Materials: Pencil and watercolour on map
Type of Textile: Painting

This Fulmar in full flight, framed by a 1980’s Ordnance Survey map, extends its wings over the city of Belfast like a protective cloak. The map itself dates from an era when all communities throughout Northern Ireland, especially Belfast city, were impacted by “The Troubles” on a daily basis. The fulmar, gliding forward has echoes of Peace Dove, by Irene MacWilliam. Will it stay on course and overcome the many obstacles in its path; the path to peace?

Observing her father shaped Susan’s interest in birds, “…elusive creatures, wild and alien”. They have become “a constant source of inspiration in my art practice”. Commenting on the process of painting this piece - from a photo taken on Rathlin Island - Susan reflects: “I like painting on the Ordnance Survey maps … they give a sense of scale and place to the composition”.

Susan’s mother Mary Hughes was instrumental in bringing arpilleras into the public domain in Northern Ireland in the period 2006 – 2010. Through this piece, Susan now brings a new dimension to the Conflict Textiles collection.

Owner: Conflict Textiles collection. Acquired in November 2021
Location: Roberta Bacic, Northern Ireland
Original / Replica: Original
Photographer: Martin Melaugh

Textile exhibited at: The Troubles and Beyond, 20/12/2021 - 28/06/2022
The Good Friday Agreement: Work in Progress, 12/04/2023 - 16/04/2023

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