Monday, 6 July 2020
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    'Glen Man - Genius Locii', by Deborah Stockdale. (Photo: Deborah Stockdale)
    'Glen Man - Genius Locii', by Deborah Stockdale. (Photo: Deborah Stockdale)


    Title of Textile:Glen Man - Genius Locii
    Maker: Deborah Stockdale
    Country of Origin: Republic of Ireland
    Year Produced: 2002
    Size (cm): 55cm (w) x 68cm (l)
    Materials: Hand painted cotton, commerical fabrics and synthetic wadding. Painted, with reverse applique panels and hand quilted
    Type of Textile: Quilt

    Deborah explains how this quilt emerged: "This piece was created partially by accident, which I then incorporated into the design. I was painting another piece on fabric, an intricate head, with facial tattoos. When I lifted that piece away from my work surface, I laid another piece of fabric where I had been working, and the face of Glen Man seeped through the cloth, looking somewhat like the Turin Shroud. I used that vague image as the centrepiece, and created small vingettes of scenes around where I was living in Glencolmcille. To me the whole piece represented the spirit, or genius locii of the area, and the man’s face, an indefinable essence of geology, geography and history of that ancient area."

    Owner: Deborah Stockdale collection
    Location: Deborah Stockdale, Donegal, Republic of Ireland
    Original / Replica: Original
    Photographer: Deborah Stockdale

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