Monday, 6 July 2020
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    'Quilt of Remembrance', by WAVE trauma centre participants. (Photo: WAVE Archive)
    'Quilt of Remembrance', by WAVE trauma centre participants. (Photo: WAVE Archive)


    Title of Textile:Quilt of Remembrance
    Maker: WAVE trauma centre participants
    Country of Origin: Northern Ireland
    Year Produced: 2013
    Size (cm): 2.3m x 1.5m
    Materials: A mixture of natural and synthetic fabrics
    Type of Textile: Quilt

    This quilt, the work of a cross-community group of WAVE participants, was created over a four year period. Spanning four decades it depicts life before The Troubles in 1969, portrays key events during The Troubles and closes with the Good Friday Agreement in 1998.

    Here women portray their deeply personal experiences of The Troubles and their journey to healing. In the words of one participant: “I have been on a journey of healing and this quilt has been a big part of it.”

    In this collective work: pain, suffering and trauma coupled with a great sense of strength, solidarity, hope for, and commitment to, a better future based on mutual understanding and respect find expression.

    Owner: Courtesy of WAVE trauma centre
    Location: WAVE trauma centre, Ballymoney, Northern Ireland
    Original / Replica: Original
    Photographer: WAVE Archive

    Textile exhibited at: Textile Accounts of Conflicts, 17/11/2014 - 18/11/2014
    Textile Accounts of Conflicts, 6/02/2015 - 7/03/2015
    COSIENDO PAZ: Conflicto, Arpilleras, Memoria, 8/10/2015 - 4/04/2016

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