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Textile Details

'Blutspur / Blood trail', by Heidi Drahota. (Photo: Claus Sperr)
'Blutspur / Blood trail', by Heidi Drahota. (Photo: Claus Sperr)


Title of Textile:Blutspur / Blood trail
Maker: Heidi Drahota
Country of Origin: Germany
Year Produced: 2011
Size (cm): 1.05m X 0.70 m
Materials: Threads felted onto wall pictures
Type of Textile: Wall hanging

On the first of July 2011 at the opening of Heidi's workshop in Nuremberg, curator Roberta Bacic was moved, stunned, touched, shaken, and impressed by this textile work. "I stood in front of it for a few moments and had to come back again and again. From that very moment I could see it occupying a central place at the UMASS exhibition." Asked how she got to conceive this piece, she said:

"In 2010 I took part in an art weekend in Fürth in Bavaria. The exhibitions were part of the 175 year's celebration of the first railway track from Nuremberg to Fürth. 'Railway' for me that is not only a technical revolution that changed the life of people to the positive, but is also for me connected with the bad association of many innocent people deported to the Nazi prison camps of the Third Reich.

For my Blutspur work of art I once again used the technique of felting threads into wall pictures which I had developed in my previous one, Gegossenes Blei/Cast Lead in the exhibition Threads of Destiny and then The Human Cost of War, both in 2009.

I represent the tracks which spread out all over Europe and which brought human beings right to the entrance gates of the death camps, here represented by Auschwitz; tracks like threads of destiny saturated by blood trails which seem to drip down from the wall of the spectator. This to counteract the slight possibility of forgetting what has happened."

Owner: Heidi Drahota collection, Germany
Location: Heidi Drahota, Germany
Original / Replica: Original
Photographer: Claus Sperr

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