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    'Friendship through Quilting', by Mission Hall Quilters. (Photo: Martin Melaugh)
    'Friendship through Quilting', by Mission Hall Quilters. (Photo: Martin Melaugh)


    Title of Textile:Friendship through Quilting
    Maker: Mission Hall Quilters
    Country of Origin: Northern Ireland
    Year Produced: 2008
    Size (cm): 2.39m x 2.74m
    Materials: twenty four fabric blocks attached to a fabric backing and border
    Type of Textile: Quilt

    This quilt was designed and created by a group of women from Derry / Londonderry who met through Mission Hall Quilts while taking part in classes offered by The Calico Project. Learning about the Art of Survival Exhibition motivated them to create a quilt focusing on how friendships have formed through the love and art of quilting.

    Many different ideas emerged on this theme. Some women focused on the quilting aspect of friendship by incorporating patchwork blocks, whereas others created blocks symbolising the city such as an oak leaf and statues. Each corner block of the quilt contains a friendship star, a well-known block to quilters world-wide. Here it is used to illustrate each woman's passion for patchwork and the friendships which were formed through making the quilts.

    Owner: Mission Hall Quilters
    Location: Northern Ireland
    Original / Replica: Original
    Photographer: Colin Peck

    Textile exhibited at: The Art of Survival: International and Irish Quilts, 8/03/2008 - 19/04/2008
    Friendship through Quilting, 1/09/2008 - 14/10/2008

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