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Textile Details

'A special place in our hearts', by Linda Adams. (Photo: Colin Peck)
'A special place in our hearts', by Linda Adams. (Photo: Colin Peck)


Title of Textile:A Special Place in Our Hearts
Maker: Linda Adams
Country of Origin: England
Year Produced: 2009
Size (cm): 195cm x 69cm
Materials: Scraps of recycled material and embroidery, including plastic, hand sewn onto a fabric backing
Type of Textile: Arpillera

In October 2008, Linda Adams first attended the arpillera exhibition: "The Politics of Chilean Arpilleras" at the Centre for Latin American Studies in Cambridge University. The curator, Roberta Bacic, subsequently invited her to participate with her own textile contribution at 'Women's Real Lives' at the Tower Museum in Derry, Northern Ireland.

This collection of four arpilleras mounted on hessian, which has at various times been titled: "Four Seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter" in some exhibitions, shows the park nearest to her home in summer, winter, spring and autumn. In Linda's opinion: "The park has a special place in the snapshots of women"s lives. From the first faltering steps supported by a proud mother, to giggling teenagers experimenting with make-up and drink, lovers carving their initials on a tree, bridal photos, to elderly couples on a bench."

More specifically she describes the detail of each season: "Spring is morning and shows a protest march against the park being turned into a carpark led by the mayor,a woman. Also visible are the women who look after the park and sell plants to raise money for the park, in addition to dog walkers and the Ely Samba band whose instruments are used by various groups including women with learning difficulties.

The Summer afternoon scene features an aquafest, with raft racing on the river and music on the banks of the river. Autumn is dominated by a Sunset scene peopled by individuals doing Tai chi, running, picking fruit, feeding the ducks and walking. Winter is depected as a night scene featuring fishing, sliding, christmas tree, cathedral choir, snowmen,sleighing and christmas lights."

She continues: "These textiles, inspired by Roberta Bacic's collection of Latin American Arpilleras, are an attempt to express my feelings about the park and the women who go there. The fabrics I used are scraps from years of dressmaking and embroidery which remind me of my children and women I met on an embroidery course".

Owner: Linda Adams
Location: England
Original / Replica: Original
Photographer: Colin Peck

Textile exhibited at: Women's Real Lives , 5/03/2009 - 28/03/2009
Arpilleras that Cry Out, 22/06/2009 - 10/07/2009
Finding Our Voices -The Power of Arpilleras, 26/09/2009 - 30/10/2009
Threads of Life: Quilts and arpilleras that speak out, 16/10/2009 - 1/11/2009
'Arpilleras Aus Chile' -Eine Retrospektive, 6/05/2010 - 28/05/2010
The poetry of arpilleras, 31/05/2011 - 3/06/2011

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