Sunday, 25 July 2021
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    'Libertad a los presos politicos / Freedom for the political prisoners', Anonymous. (Photo: Martin Melaugh)

    'Libertad a los presos politicos / Freedom for the political prisoners', Anonymous. (Photo: Martin Melaugh)


    Exhibition and associated activities:Arpilleras e resistência política no Chile / Arpilleras de la resistencia política Chilena / Arpilleras of Chilean political resistance
    Description: This touring exhibition, commissioned originally by Memorial da Resistência de São Paulo and exhibited in 2011, is now being shown in five different States of Brazil:
    1.Brasilia Biblioteca Nacional de Brasília/National Library of Brasilia
    22nd - 29th March 2012
    2.Porto Alegre Memorial do Rio Grande do Sul
    10th - 17th April 2012
    3.Curitiba Memorial da Cidade de Curitiba
    7th - 14th May 2012
    4.Belo Horizonte Centro Cultural UFMG,18th - 24th May
    5.Rio de Janeiro Arquivo Nacional de Rio de Janeiro National Archive of Rio de Janeiro
    29th May - 5th June 2012.

    This exhibition is one of several projects within an overall initiative, Marcas da Memória (Marks left by memory), the main objective of which is to promote the reparation for human rights violations that took place between 1946 and 1988. It is the outcome of an agreement reached by the Ministry of Justice of the Federal Republic of Brazil, delivered through its Amnesty Commission.
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    Commissioned by: Memorial da Resistência de São Paulo, Brazil
    Date(s): 22nd March 2012 - 5th June 2012
    Venue: Brazil
    (Five venues, see description (above)
    Curator: Roberta Bacic, assisted by Esther Vital
    Facilitator: Clara Politi, project co-ordinator in conjunction with local hosts
    Outcome: A DVD was produced which features a guided tour by the curator given to the Director of the National Archives in Rio de Janeiro and the Chilean Consul. It is comprised of five separate sections containing an overview of each city, the setting up process in each exhibition venue, the workshops and interviews with participants as well as images of the new arpilleras which emerged from the workshops.

    Documents: • Exhibition catalogue, Brazil, May 2012 - view
    • Exhibition invitation, Brasília, Mar 2012 - view
    • Exhibition invitation, Belo Horizonte, May 12 - view
    • Exhibition invitation, Curitiba, May 2012 - view
    • Exhibition invitation, Porto Alegre, Apr 2012 - view
    • Media & online references, Brazil, Arp 2012 - view
    • Exhibition opening notice, Rio, May 2012 - view
    • Exhibition Roundtable discussion, June 2012 - view

    Textiles Displayed:Hornos de Lonquén / Lime kilns of Lonquén
    Vida en Nuestra Población / Life in Our Poor Neighbourhood
    Homenaje a los caídos / Homage to the fallen ones
    No a las alzas - No a la dictadura - Basta de hambre
    ¿Dónde están los desaparecidos? / Where are the "disappeared"?
    Paz - Justicia - Libertad / Peace - Justice - Freedom
    ¿Dónde están nuestros hijos? / Where are our children?
    Lucía, Lucía, la olla está vacía / Lucia, Lucia, The pots are empty
    No tenemos acceso a los servicios públicos / We have no access to public services
    Corte de agua / Water cut
    Tenemos que vivir bajo llaves / We have to live behind closed doors
    ¡Adiós Pinochet! / Good bye Pinochet!
    Represión a vendedores ambulantes / Repression of street vendors
    Arpilleristas y cartoneros / Arpillerista women and cardboard collectors
    Juntos en la adversidad / Together in adversity
    Al Servicio de la vida / Servicing life
    Juan Pablo te esperamos / John Paul we are waiting for you
    Caín, ¿dónde está tu hermano? / Cain, where is your brother?
    Panfleteando en el 1979 en Santiago / Leafleting in Santiago in 1979
    Libertad a los presos políticos / Freedom for the political prisoners
    Encadenamiento / Women chained to Parliament gates
    No a la impunidad / No to impunity
    No más contaminación / No more pollution
    No al plebiscito, No podemos ni opinar / No to the plebiscite
    Queremos Democracia / We want democracy
    Sala de torturas / Torture chamber
    Ganó la gente / People have won
    Retorno de los exiliados / Return of the exiles