Sunday, 25 July 2021
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    Attendees listening intently to curator Roberta Bacic at the exhibition opening event. (Photo: Martin Melaugh)

    Attendees listening intently to curator Roberta Bacic at the exhibition opening event. (Photo: Martin Melaugh)


    Exhibition and associated activities:Arpilleras that Cry Out
    Description: This exhibition included an official opening and reception; film shows, gallery talks by Bill Rolston and Roberta Bacic, cardmaking and arpillera workshops, children's workshops and guided tours.
    Commissioned by: Coleraine Borough Council and Flowerfield Arts Centre
    Date(s): 22nd June 2009 - 10th July 2009
    Venue: Flowerfield Arts Centre, Coleraine, Northern Ireland
    185 Coleraine Road, Portstewart, Northern Ireland. BT55 7HU
    Curator: Roberta Bacic
    Facilitator: Flowerfield Arts Centre
    Outcome: The entire exhibition programme gave viewers an opportunity to come face to face with the power of textiles, and other creative media, in giving voice to repression, violence and denial of human rights. It also provided a forum for discussing such issues.

    Documents: • Exhibition/programme of events notice, June09 - view

    Textiles Displayed:Homenaje a los caídos / Homage to the fallen ones
    A Piece of Me, a Piece of Us
    Encadenamiento / Women chained to Parliament gates
    Peace Quilt - Common Loss
    Vida en Nuestra Población / Life in Our Poor Neighbourhood
    Cultures from the Heart
    A Special Place in Our Hearts
    Reflections on violence
    Lost children of war
    No going back
    Nuestra Vida en Chile / Our Life in Chile
    Vareando las Aceitunas / Knocking down the Olives
    En las ramblas de las flores / In the market of the flowers
    Una Mirada a mi Tierra Desde el Barco / A Look to my Homeland from the Boat
    Life as We Know It
    Overdue, Overdrawn, Over-extended: Rural Poverty in Ireland
    Cruce de Caminos / Crossing Pathways
    Paz - Justicia - Libertad / Peace - Justice - Freedom
    Corte de agua / Water cut
    Encuentro communal; Pedimos solución / Community meeting; We want solutions
    Lucía, Lucía, la olla está vacía / Lucia, Lucia, The pots are empty
    ¿Dónde están los desaparecidos? / Where are the "disappeared"?
    Retorno de los exiliados / Return of the exiles
    Baile Puneño / Puno Folk Dance
    Como hacer una arpillera / How to make an arpillera
    Recuerdos de Guadalupe / Guadalupe's Longings
    Marcha de las mujeres de los mineros