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'Arpilleristas y cartoneros/ Arpillerista women and cardboard collectors', Anonymous. (Photo: Martin Melaugh)

'Arpilleristas y cartoneros/ Arpillerista women and cardboard collectors', Anonymous. (Photo: Martin Melaugh)


Exhibition and associated activities:Arpilleras: Voices on Tapestries
Description: This exhibition was held at the Chilean Embassy in London and featured 22 pieces. A preview event was held on 8 March and a private guided tour earlier that same day. Footage was taken at that event which was later included on a short film entitled 'Arpilleras that Cry Out' by Gustavo Neves.
Commissioned by: Embassy of Chile in London
Date(s): 8th March 2010 - 31st March 2010
Venue: Embassy of Chile, London
37-41 Old Queen Street London. SW1H 9JA
Curator: Roberta Bacic
Facilitator: Roberta Bacic

Documents: • Exhibition Invitation, March 2010 - view
• Exhibition Press Release, March 2010 - view
• Web link re exhibition, March 2010 - view

Textiles Displayed:100 Schritte Freiheit / 100 steps of freedom / 100 pasos de libertad
Armonía entre la vida y el medio ambiente/Harmony between Life and Environment
La Gente Necesita Trabajar / People Need Work
Al Servicio de la vida / Servicing life
Encadenamiento / Women chained to Parliament gates
Tenemos que vivir bajo llaves / We have to live behind closed doors
Panfleteando en el 1979 en Santiago / Leafleting in Santiago in 1979
Paz - Justicia - Libertad / Peace - Justice - Freedom
La Cueca Sola / Dancing Cueca Alone
Homenaje a los caídos / Homage to the fallen ones
Corte de agua / Water cut
Arpilleristas y cartoneros / Arpillerista women and cardboard collectors
Fin de semana en una población / Weekend in a población
Volcán Osorno / Osorno Volcano
Hogar Dulce Hogar / Home Sweet Home
Violencia Doméstica / Domestic Violence
Los precios están por las nubes / Prices are sky high
Escuelita de Otavalo / Otavalo Primary School
Cruce de Caminos / Crossing Pathways
Our Allotments, the Pride of New Barns
Life as We Know It
Will there be poppies, daisies and apples when I grow up?
The great Irish famine 1845 - 1852