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'¡Adiós Pinochet!/Good bye Pinochet!', Anonymous. (Photo: Colin Peck)

'¡Adiós Pinochet!/Good bye Pinochet!', Anonymous. (Photo: Colin Peck)


Workshop and conference (online):Textile practices as forms of healing, caring and resisting / Practicas Textiles como formas de sanar, cuidar y resistir
Description: The Research Center for Material Culture (RCMC) critically engages with the collections of the four ethnographic museums that form part of the Naational Museum van Wereldculturen (NMVW): /Tropenmuseum (Amsterdam), Museum Volkenkunde (Leiden), Wereldmuseum Berg En Dal and the Wereldmuseum (Rotterdam). It serves as a focal point for research on ethnographic collections in the Netherlands.

NMVW hosts one of the most extensive collections of textiles from Mesoamerica and South America. In this series of conversations (24th - 25th June) on “Healing, caring and resisting - Textile-making in Meso America and South America” RCMC will focus on these collections by connecting the textile objects to the experiences, circumstances and discourses of their makers today. Following the concept of “ontology of making” we are encouraged to understand textile practices as forms of knowing and being that unfold within the daily life of their makers and manifest their active engagement and negotiation with their social, political and economic realities. The event is curated by Daan Daan van Dartel, Curator Popular Culture and Fashion; Magdalena Wiener and Luisa Michelsen, Research Associates.

Within this event, Conflict Textiles Curator Roberta Bacic will interrogate the concept of “healing & caring” by presenting three arpilleras from Conflict Textiles collection. She will do it by the way of following their footsteps from staying kept “safe” in storage to highlighting their journey since they arrived to the collection and hinting at their versatile testimonies, dialogues and transnational influence.

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Textile practices as forms of healing, caring and resisting /
Practicas Textiles como formas de sanar, cuidar y resistir
Commissioned by: Research Center for Material Culture, The Netherlands
Date(s): 24th June 2021 - 25th June 2021
Venue: Online
Research Center for Material Culture, Steenstraat 1, 2312 BS Leiden, The Netherlands.
Curator: Daan van Dartel, Magdalena Wiener & Luisa Michelsen
Facilitator: Daan van Dartel, Magdalena Wiener, Luisa Michelsen & Alessandra Benedicty Kokken
Outcome: The event was a caring event, from which NMVW reflect that they have learnt a great deal on the value of textiles as a medium for expressing and documenting conflict, trauma and healing. Building on this, they plan to develop a series of object workshops linking collections to practice. This proposed programme may also include an exhibition.

Documents: • Contributors bios/photos, Spanish, June 21 - view
• Contributor bios , Spanish/English, June 21 - view
• Event programme, 24th - 25th June, 2021 - view
• R. Bacic presentation, 25 June 2021 - view