Sunday, 9 August 2020
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    Arpillera dolls made by participants during the workshop facilitated by Roberta Bacic. (Photo: Jimena Pardo)

    Arpillera dolls made by participants during the workshop facilitated by Roberta Bacic. (Photo: Jimena Pardo)


    Workshop:Keeping Memory Alive
    Description: Bordando por la Memoria (Embroidering for Memory) project has been recording events from the Pinochet dictatorship using Memoria Viva archive as a basis. Members of the group were active in the campaign to extradite Pinochet during his arrest in 1998. They have also been involved in creating the archives for Memoria Viva and in the activities organised by the group ECO Memoria.

    We will be retelling these stories and intertwining them with the stories behind the pieces made by Bordando por la Memoria. This will be complemented by interweaving the narratives of four arpilleras from the Conflict Textiles collection, which will be on display for the duration of the workshop.

    Roberta Bacic will lead an arpillera doll workshop in collaboration with Bordando por la Memoria. The focus of this will be on recovering oral histories from within the group and creating a visual dialogue in response to the arpilleras and the work of Bordando por la Memoria. Please bring some fabric that has some emotional value to you.

    Excerpts from the film documentary “Scraps of Life”, by Producer-Director Gayla Jamison will also be shown.

    Web links:
    Memoria Viva archive (Spanish)
    Memoria Viva archive (English)
    Cueca Sola / London 2019 (The Cueca sola dance represents those who danced alone waiting for their loved ones who ‘disappeared’ during the Pinochet regime. This commemorative action took place in front of the Chilean Embassy, 11th September 2019.
    Dancers: Jimena Pardo, Daniela Pérez and Manuela Mendoza. Interpreters: Daniel Jimenez and Ignacio Rivera).
    Commissioned by: Bordando Por La Memoria
    Date(s): 24th May 2019 - 24th May 2019
    Venue: Unite the Union, London
    128 Theobalds Road, Holborn, London, UK
    Curator: Roberta Bacic
    Facilitator: Jimena Pardo & Roberta Bacic
    Outcome: Approximately 20 people attended this workshop, comprised primarily of members of ‘Bordando Por La Memoria’- which is made up of a very diverse group of ages and nationalities - as well as some new visitors to the group.

    After a brief introduction to Bordando por la Memoria and curator Roberta Bacic, we watched the film ‘Scraps of Life’. Roberta then discussed aspects of the Conflict Textiles collection. This helped to deepen the group's knowledge of Arpilleras made during and post dictatorship, understand the textile language within each piece on display and enabled us to focus on how we could potentially start to archive our work. We discussed potential pieces that the group would like to work on and produced Arpillera dolls with the aim of integrating them into the textile pieces we have already made.

    The attendees were really moved by the stories and layers of meaning held within each Arpillera and it embedded a strong conviction to continue with the project of ‘Bordando Por la Memoria’.

    Documents: • Workshop notice: 24th May 2019 - view
    • Keeping Memory Alive: Workshop report, May 19 - view