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Roberta Bacic explaining the detail of an arpillera at the Gallery of Everything. (Photo: Nelta Kasparian)

Roberta Bacic explaining the detail of an arpillera at the Gallery of Everything. (Photo: Nelta Kasparian)


Talk, display and film screening:Conflict Textiles talk
Description: The Gallery of Everything, presented "Of a Life/Time", the first international exhibition of Belarusian artist and storyteller Olga Frantkevick.

Using a technique taught to her by her grandmother, Olga Frantkevick makes hand-woven tapestries. Her work is a tribute to her childhood spent living in a zone of conflict during the second world war.

It was important for The Gallery of Everything to contextualise Olga Frantkevick's work and explore topics within the tapestry art practice. Looking at textile beyond a traditional women's craft, we are able to investigate ways in which it engages with ideas from politics to resistance and identity.

The Gallery of everything invited Chilean curator, human rights activist and Founder of Conflict textiles Roberta Bacic to give a talk. Based on her expertise in the use of textiles to tell stories and experiences of conflict, Roberta gave a keynote presentation of her work at Conflict Textiles and presented Arpilleras from her collection, drawing links with Frantkevick’s pieces, five of which are included in the documents section below.

This was followed by a screening of the film documentary “Scraps of Life”, by Producer-Director Gayla Jamison.

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Commissioned by: The Gallery of Everything
Date(s): 3rd February 2019 - 3rd February 2019
Venue: The Gallery of Everything, London
4 Chiltern Street, London, UK
Curator: Roberta Bacic
Facilitator: Nelta Kasparian
Outcome: There were approximately 25 attendees, (full capacity is 28)

Documents: • Textile list: Conflict Textiles, Jan 2019 - view
• 1. Widows of Russia, Olga Frantkevick (2018) - view
• 2. 300 grams of Bread, Olga Frantkevick (2015 - view
• 3. A Moment in Time, Olga Frantkevick (2016) - view
• 4. In the Bunker, Olga Frantkevick (2016) - view
• 5.My Father the Hero, Olga Frantkevick (2016) - view