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The exhibition team with Margaretta D’Arcy, Peace Activist (3rd from left); Maired Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate (2nd from right); and Phil Scraton, Emeritus Professor of Criminology, QUB (back row, right), at the launch. (Photo: Linenhall Library)

The exhibition team with Margaretta D’Arcy, Peace Activist (3rd from left); Maired Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate (2nd from right); and Phil Scraton, Emeritus Professor of Criminology, QUB (back row, right), at the launch. (Photo: Linenhall Library)


Exhibition and associated activities:War-Torn Children
Description: This exhibition of textiles and memorabilia highlights the devastating impact of war on children. It is an initiative of Conflict Textiles and INNATE (Irish Network for Nonviolent Action Training and Education), in collaboration with the Linen Hall Library, CAIN (Conflict Archive on the INternet) and Fundació Ateneu Sant Roc(Catalonia), whose photographic exhibition Després de les onades / After the Waves (Spanish / Catalan) is included in “War-Torn Children.”

The exhibition period is extended to coincide with the 9th International Conference of the International Network of Museums for Peace (INMP), hosted in Belfast, titled “Cities as Living Museums for Peace.”

The textiles, comprised of arpilleras and wall hangings are drawn mainly from South America and Europe and uncover a myriad of consequences endured by children caught in the centre and on the fringes of wars, both historical and current.

Memorabilia encompassing photographs, newspaper articles, books, items of clothing and banners has been contributed by the organising partners and the following organisations:
-Causeway Coast and Glens Museum Service and Northern Ireland Community Archive
-Peace People
-National Museums Northern Ireland
-Museum of Basque Nationalism, Sabino Arana

A selection of letters, sent by students of Gort Primary School, Galway and Beneavin de la Salle College, Finglas, Dublin to nonviolent peace activist, Margaretta D’Arcy during her imprisonment, in 2014, for her anti-war campaigning at Shannon Airport, is also included.

The exhibition launch takes place at 1pm in the Linen Hall Library on Wednesday 1st March 2017. Welcome and introduction by Julie Andrews, Linen Hall library Director. Maired Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate, will deliver the keynote address.

This will be followed by the 6pm launch of Margaretta D’Arcy’s book: “Ireland’s Guantanamo Granny” (2015). This event will also mark the publication of a new edition of her book “Tell them Everything.” (1st edition 1981). Phil Scraton (Emeritus Professor of Criminology, QUB), who has penned the foreword will facilitate a discussion with Margaretta.
The full interview features on NVTV, 'In Focus: Margaretta D'Arcy'

A number of associated activities will take place at the Linen Hall Library and around the city of Belfast during the exhibition period.
-Guided tour by Roberta Bacic, Friday 3rd March at 3pm
-Tuesday 14th March, 12 – 2pm; guided tour by Roberta Bacic with students from Drumman National School who participated in the Co. Donegal Read DL project (a school and community based literacy initiative), followed by a tour of the Belfast murals with author Bill Rolston.
-Tuesday 4th April, 11.30am; guided tour by Roberta Bacic with students from Beneavin De La Salle College, Finglas, Co. Dublin, followed by a visit to “Peace People” hosted by Maired Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate.
-Tuesday 11th April, 4.15pm; guided tour and workshop as part of the INMP conference “Cities as Living Museums for Peace.”

Closing event:
-Friday 14th April, 2 - 4.00pm; Arpillera doll making workshop, facilitated by Roberta Bacic.

Commissioned by: Conflict Textiles & Irish Network for Non-violent Action and Training (INNATE)
Date(s): 1st March 2017 - 15th April 2017
Venue: Linen Hall Library, Belfast, Northern Ireland
17 Donegall Square North, Belfast, Northern Ireland. BT1 5GB
Curator: Roberta Bacic, assisted by Breege Doherty
Facilitator: Linen Hall Library, Conflict Textiles and INNATE
Outcome: The exhibition and associated programme of activities reached a wide ranging audience. The guided tours and workshops stimulated much debate, reflection and questioning, particularly amongst the student groups who visited from Donegal and Dublin. The core of the exhibition will be exhibited in Limerick city from 17th – 28th July, 2017, by Doras Luimní, an NGO working to support and promote the rights of all migrants living in Limerick and the wider Mid-West region.

Documents: • Linen Hall Library - Events - Jan - Mar 2017 - view
• After the Waves - Overview - view
• Exhibition poster - War-Torn Children 2017 - view
• list of textiles, War-Torn Children - view
• Launch invitation, War-Torn Children 1st Mar. - view
• Textile Banner, War-Torn Children - view
• Background notes on refugees - No. 1 - view
• Textile Banner, 'After the Waves' - view
• Book launch invitation - 6pm, 1st March - view
• Programme of associated activities - view
• INNATE posters - Overview - view
• Press release, War-Torn Children - view
• Exhibition catalogue, War-Torn Children - view
• Linen Hall Library - Events - Apr - June 2017 - view
• Media coverage - 'The Roamer' - view
• Visit by Drumman National School - view
• Background notes on refugees - No. 2 - view
• War-Torn Children workshop - INMP conference - view
• Visit by Beneavin De La Salle College, Dublin - view
• Closing workshop: War-Torn Children, 14 Apr. - view
• Workshop -Drumman National School, 8 June '17 - view
• Drumman NS workshop outcome - May 2018 - view