Friday, 10 July 2020
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    'The Tree of Life', by Women to Women for Peace. (Photo: Rory McCarron)

    'The Tree of Life', by Women to Women for Peace. (Photo: Rory McCarron)


    Exhibition:The Tree of Life - Women to Women for Peace quilts
    Description: Women to Women for Peace (formerly Mothers for Peace, 1981-2011) is a network of women whose work is about bridge-building between people from countries which have contrasting and often conflicting, political, philosophical, cultural and religious approaches.

    The Tree of Life quilt, made in 2010, with women from the Muslim community, coincided with their 30th anniversary celebrations. It was chosen as a cross cultural symbol, relevant to many faiths and cultures.

    This exhibition was part of a continuous series of arpillera and quilt exhibitions hosted by the Verbal Arts Centre in Derry and curated by Roberta Bacic, from 2008 to 2013. Each exhibition, comprised of a piece or pieces created by community groups from different parts of the island, other countries, or individual women, was displayed for a number of weeks before being replaced with a new exhibition.
    Commissioned by: Verbal Arts Centre, and curator
    Date(s): 7th December 2011 - 28th February 2012
    Venue: Verbal Arts Centre, Derry / Londonderry, Northern Ireland
    Stable Lane and Mall Wall, Bishop Street Within, Derry / Londonderry, Northern Ireland. BT48 6PU
    Curator: Roberta Bacic
    Facilitator: Verbal Arts Centre staff
    Outcome: Exhibiting this piece in the Verbal Arts Centre stimulated conversations on peace, disarmament and the futility of war, whilst also highlighting the power of textiles in enabling women from diverse backgrounds to work together on shared initiatives and envision a different future.

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    Textiles Displayed:The Tree of Life