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'Silent Voices', by Sligo County Council (2011)

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Text: Sligo County Council ... Page Compiled: Martin Melaugh

The contents of the following book has been contributed by the copyright holder, Sligo County Council. The views expressed in this book do not necessarily reflect the views of the members of the CAIN Project. The CAIN Project would welcome other material which meets our guidelines for contributions.

The full contents of the book are available below:

Silent Voices
by Sligo County Council (2011)
Hardback 238pp
Published by Sligo County Council

Original copyright notice:
Readers may use these materials solely for personal and non-commercial use. Readers may download or send material to a printer solely for these purposes. It is forbidden to otherwise copy, modify, or distribute the contents of these pages, or publish, broadcast, transmit, or otherwise distribute any portion of this publication either in machine-readable form or any other form without the express written authorization of Sligo County Council.
For permissions and other copyright-related questions, please contact:
Community & Enterprise Department
Sligo County Council
Tel: +353 71 9111111


  Pages File Details
Preface vi  
Where will I start? 1 [PDF; 1053KB]
The shadow becomes lighter 11 [PDF; 1158KB]
We didn't know half of what was going on 23 [PDF; 1094KB]
Any chance of a salmon? 31 [PDF; 1125KB]
I wanted to start a new life 41 [PDF; 1116KB]
It's a different story nowadays 45 [PDF; 1103KB]
Keeping the family secret 49 [PDF; 1185KB]
It was so different from the north 63 [PDF; 1127KB]
If I was born on the other side 81 [PDF; 1158KB]
We only had the Provos 85 [PDF; 1215KB]
In business you get a different view of life 95 [PDF; 1135KB]
I am grateful to be alive 109 [PDF; 1291KB]
It's just part of my family history 115 [PDF; 1095KB]
That was all down to the North 119 [PDF; 1134KB]
One event changed my life forever 123 [PDF; 1165KB]
Nothing is simple 131 [PDF; 1103KB]
Crossing the line 135 [PDF; 1081KB]
I was so caught up in it all 141 [PDF; 1074KB]
It is important for me to keep my culture 147 [PDF; 1014KB]
Looking for directions 153 [PDF; 1146KB]
Republicans have feelings – We are flesh and blood 157 [PDF; 1126KB]
It was absolutely crazy stuff 171 [PDF; 1156KB]
Do you go across the Border much? 176 [PDF; 1080KB]
It was all over in five minutes 177 [PDF; 1032KB]
There was no other path for me ... 181 [PDF; 1151KB]
The struggle in Africa 207 [PDF; 1045KB]
I went from strength to strength but it wasn't easy 215 [PDF; 1076KB]
You were with your own people 221 [PDF; 1145KB]
Full contents 1-235 [PDF; 7480KB]

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Accounts of the Conflict


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