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CAIN Resources for Teachers, Researchers, Students, and Pupils

Some guidance on the information and resource materials available within the CAIN Archive.

Front cover of guide ARK and CAIN Resources

Guide to resources on ARK and CAIN that was prepared by Matthew Milliken, UNESCO Centre, Ulster University.

Milliken, Matthew. (2021). ARK and CAIN Resource for Schools 2021, (April 2021), [PDF; 3455KB]. Web: ARK. ... [28603] - [Guide]
image of webpage CAIN Resources for Researchers, Students and Pupils

Guide to resources on CAIN that was prepared by Brendan Lynn, CAIN, Ulster University. This guide was prepared on 7 August 2020.

image of webpage Leaving Certificate History Topic 5
Guide to Relevant Materials on CAIN

This resource was compiled (in 2010) to assist students studying history for the Irish Leaving Certificate examinations. The resource is a guide to the materials on the CAIN site that may be relevant to the three case studies in Topic 5: Politics and society in Northern Ireland, 1949-1993. [The same three case studies are still currently (2022) being used.]


CAIN contains information and source material on the conflict and politics in Northern Ireland.
CAIN is based within Ulster University.

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