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Statement by the Official IRA about Decommissioning, (8 February 2010)

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Text: OIRA Page Compiled: Martin Melaugh

Statement by the Official Irish Republican Army (OIRA) about Decommissioning, (8 February 2010)


"The Official IRA have confirmed that, in keeping with the long held position within the Official Republican tradition of promoting and pursuing the development of peaceful, democratic and inclusive politics on the Island of Ireland; a process of engagement was unilaterally entered into with the Decommissioning Body and has reached a successful conclusion.

The purpose of this engagement was to ensure that all weapons which were under the control of the Official IRA or to which the Official IRA had access were accounted for and transferred to the control of the Decommissioning Body.

We have emphasized our commitment to removing any doubts that may exist that there are any Official IRA weapons in circulation.

To this end an extensive nation wide inventory has been completed to confirm and verify that all such equipment has been located, identified and transferred to the Decommissioning Body. Any other such equipment, which has not been submitted to the Decommissioning Process, has no association with the Official IRA.

“We call on all groups to respect and respond to the undeniable mandate imposed on us all from the people of Ireland both in the 26 counties and the 6 counties with their democratic demand for a complete end to violent conflict.

To those groups still intent on a violent agenda and who would declare themselves the protectors of the community against the oppressor, we say listen to the voice of that community. They spoke loud and clear in their demand for peace, and by ignoring that voice, you yourselves have become the oppressor.

It is time for you to leave the past and catch up.

We thank those Official Republicans who were the first to demand an end to sectarian and sectional violence and who were themselve’s attacked and murdered for their anti-sectarian stand.

We congratulate all those who have realised the futility of violence and who now pursue political objectives through peaceful strategies.

We encourage the continued involvement of Official Republicans in the vital work taking place between all former combatants, Republican and Loyalist, in recognizing this work as an essential part of the building of a lasting peace that has already brought immediate mutual benefits for the entire community and brings hope for a better future for our children.

Official Republicans in the tradition of Tone believe that the unity of Protestant, Catholic and Dissenter is the essential component of an agreed future for all the people of this island."



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