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Devolved Government
Roles of Northern Ireland Office Ministers, (2007)

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Devolved Government in Northern Ireland
Secretary Assembly Executive Departments Committees North- South British- Irish Conference Civic Forum

Roles of Northern Ireland Office Ministers (2007)

On midnight 7 May 2007 devolved power was once again returned to the Northern Ireland Assembly and on 8 May 2007 the new Northern Ireland Executive took up office. As a result the roles of the Secretary of State and the ministerial team at the Northern Ireland Office were to be ressticted to certain reserved powers.

Peter Hain MP remained as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and Wales, and continued to retain overall control of:

  • policing
  • security policy
  • prisons
  • criminal justice
  • international relations;
  • taxation;
  • national insurance;
  • regulation of financial services; and
  • regulation of telecommunications and broadcasting.

Paul Goggins MP, appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State on 5 May 2006, assumed responsibility for:

  • security;
  • policing;
  • prisons.


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