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Westminster By-election (NI) - Thursday 17 April 1969

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Westminster By-election (NI)
Thursday 17 April 1969

The following are the results of the 1969 Westminster by-election for Mid-Ulster on Thursday 17 April 1969.


The following provides the results of the Westminster by-election held in the Mid-Ulster constituency in 1969. The by-election was called following the death of George Forrest, the Unionist MP for Mid-Ulster. Two female candidates contested the election: Anna Forrest (Unionist) who was the widow of George Forrest; and Bernadette Devlin (Unity). Devlin won the election and became the youngest ever female MP at the age of 21. The turnout was also the highest for any Westminister by-election (since universal suffrage).

The results for the constituency contain the following information:
Name of constituency
Name of candidate (Party) Number of votes
Party majority: Electorate: Turnout: (%)



Devlin, Bernadette (Unity) 33,648
Forrest, Anna (Unionist Party) 29,437

Unity majority: 4,211; Electorate 68,973; Turnout: 91.5%


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