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Stormont By-elections (NI) - Thursday 16 April 1970

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Stormont By-elections (NI)
Thursday 16 April 1970

The following are the (draft) results of the two 1970 Stormont By-elections.


The following provides the results from the two Northern Ireland constituencies of Bannside and South Antrim which held by-elections to the Stormont government on Thursday 16 April 1970. The by-elections were called following the resignation of Terence O'Neill, former Northern Ireland Prime Minster, from the seat in Bannside, and the resignation of Richard Ferguson, a supporter of O'Neill, from the seat in South Antrim. The by-elections were seen as a measure of the support between those who supported the continuing reforms under James Chichester-Clark, then Northern Ireland Prime Minster, and those who supported Ian Paisley. The Unionist government lost both by-elections.

Constituency Results

The results for each of the constituencies contain the following information:
Name of constituency
Name of candidate (Party) Number of votes
Party majority: Electorate: Turnout: (%)


Paisley, Rev. I . (Protestant Unionist Party) 7,981
Minford, Dr. B.. (Unionist Party) 6,778
McHugh, P. (Northern Ireland Labour Party) 3,514

Protestant Unionist Party (Prot. U) majority: 1,203; Electorate 22,954; Turnout: 79.6%

South Antrim

Beattie, Rev. W. (Protestant Unionist Party) 7,137
Morgan, W. (Unionist Party) 6,179
Corkey, D. (Independent) 5,212
Whitby, A. (Northern Ireland Labour Party) 1,733

Protestant Unionist Party (Prot. U) majority: 958; Electorate 28,6338; Turnout: 70.9%

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