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Assembly Election (NI)
Wednesday 20 October 1982

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Text and Research: Fionnuala McKenna
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Assembly Election (NI)
Wednesday 20 October 1982

The following is a first draft (v1) of the results of the 1982 Assembly elections held in Northern Ireland on Wednesday 20 October 1982.


The elections on 20 October 1982 were held to elect 78 members to the Northern Ireland Assembly. The voting in this election was by means of 'proportional representation'.

Summary of Results

Electorate: 1,048,807
Total valid vote:
Spoiled votes:
Percentage turnout: 63.5

First Preference Votes
% Valid Poll
Ulster Unionist Party (UUP)
Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)
Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP)
Sinn Féin
Alliance Party of Northern Ireland (APNI)
Workers Party (WP)
Ulster Popular Unionist Party (UPUP)
United Ulster Unionist Party (UUUP)
Other Unionists

Source: Flackes and Elliott (1994)

Candidates elected in each of the 12 constituencies:

Belfast East
Electorate: 74,273
Poll: 54.8%

6 ElectedQuota 5,632 First Preference Votes
Count 1Robinson, P. (Democratic Unionist Party) 15,319
Count 1Burchill, J. (Ulster Unionist Party) 7,345
Count 1 Napier, O. (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland) 6,037
Count 2Vitty, D. (Democratic Unionist Party) 235
Count 10Dunlop, Mrs. D. (Ulster Unionist Party) 1,696
Count 10Morrow, A. (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland) 2,966

Belfast North
Electorate: 62,391
Poll: 59.2%

5 ElectedQuota 5,957 First Preference Votes
Count 1Carson, J. (Ulster Unionist Party) 7,798
Count 11Seawright, G. (Democratic Unionist Party) 4,929
Count 13Millar, F. (Independent Unionist) 2,047
Count 14O'Hare, P. (Social Democratic and Labour Party) 3,190
Count 15Maguire, P. (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland) 2,527

Belfast South
Electorate: 66,683
Poll: 58.1%

5 ElectedQuota 6,245 First Preference Votes
Count 1Smyth, Rev. M.. (Ulster Unionist Party) 13,337
Count 1Cook, D. (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland) 6,514
Count 4 McCrea, S. (Democratic Unionist Loyalist Coalition) 4,091
Count 6Graham, E. (Ulster Unionist Party) 2,875
Count 6Kirkpatrick, J. (Ulster Unionist Party) 1,126

Belfast West
Electorate: 57,726
Poll: 62.5%

4 ElectedQuota 6,852 First Preference Votes
Count 1Adams, G. (Sinn Féin) 9,740
Count 5Hendron, Dr. J. (Social Democratic and Labour Party) 5,207
Count 8 Passmore, T. (Ulster Unionist Party) 4,505
Count 8Glendinning, W. (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland) 2,733

North Antrim
Electorate: 104,683
Poll: 57.5%

8 ElectedQuota 6,512 First Preference Votes
Count 1Paisley, Rev. I. (Democratic Unionist Party) 9,231
Count 2Allister, J. (Democratic Unionist Party) 5,835
Count 6Gaston, J. (Ulster Unionist Party) 5,856
Count 8Farren, S. (Social Democratic and Labour Party) 5,006
Count 9 Neeson, S. (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland) 3,258
Count 10McKee, J. (Democratic Unionist Party) 4,515
Count 10Beggs, R. (Ulster Unionist Party) 4,885
Count 11Cousley, C. (Democratic Unionist Party) 4,133

South Antrim
Electorate: 131,734
Poll: 52.0%

10 ElectedQuota 6,041 First Preference Votes
Count 1Molyneaux, J. (Ulster Unionist Party) 19,978
Count 1Beattie, Rev. W. (Democratic Unionist Party) 7,489
Count 2Agnew, F. (Ulster Unionist Party) 3,302
Count 2Davis, I. (Democratic Unionist Party) 5,394
Count 18Forsythe, C. (Ulster Unionist Party) 1,612
Count 19Thompson, R. (Democratic Unionist Party) 2,646
Count 22McDonald, J. (Social Democratic and Labour Party) 2,071
Count 23Close, S. (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland) 2,916
Count 23Mawhinney, G. (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland) 2,660
Count 23Bell, W. (Ulster Unionist Party) 979

Electorate: 95,610
Poll: 66.9%

7 ElectedQuota 7,739 First Preference Votes
Count 1McCusker, H. (Ulster Unionist Party) 19,547
Count 1Mallon, S. (Social Democratic and Labour Party) 8,528
Count 7 Nicholson, J. (Ulster Unionist Party) 2,590
Count 9McAllister, J. (Sinn Féin) 5,182
Count 11Simpson, Mrs. M. (Ulster Unionist Party) 721
Count 13Calvert, D. (Democratic Unionist Party) 2,661
Count 14News, H. (Social Democratic and Labour Party) 2,871

North Down
Electorate: 103,619
Poll: 53.8%

8 ElectedQuota 6,069 First Preference Votes
Count 1Kilfedder, J. A. (Ulster Popular Unionist Party) 13,958
Count 2Taylor, J. (Ulster Unionist Party) 5,852
Count 6 Gibson, S. (Democratic Unionist Party) 4,500
Count 8Cushnahan, J (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland) 4,416
Count 9Dunleath, Lord (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland) 3,841
Count 10Pentland, W. (Democratic Unionist Party) 3,340
Count 11McCartney, R. (Ulster Unionist Party) 3,782
Count 13Bleakes, W. (Ulster Unionist Party) 2,692

South Down
Electorate: 93,261
Poll: 65.6%

7 ElectedQuota 7,382 First Preference Votes
Count 1Feely, F. (Social Democratic and Labour Party) 7,391
Count 2McGrady, E. (Social Democratic and Labour Party) 7,313
Count 6 Brown, W. (UUP) 5,220
Count 7O'Donoghue, P. (Social Democratic and Labour Party) 5,916
Count 10McCullough, R. (Democratic Unionist Party) 5,802
Count 11Graham, G. (Democratic Unionist Party) 4,075
Count 11Wells, J. (Democratic Unionist Party) 3,779

Fermanagh and South Tyrone
Electorate: 73,930
Poll: 82.9%

5 ElectedQuota 9,864 First Preference Votes
Count 1Carron, O. (Sinn Féin) 14,025
Count 1Maginnis, K. (Ulster Unionist Party) 10,117
Count 8 Ferguson, R. (Ulster Unionist Party) 5,877
Count 9Currie, A. (Social Democratic and Labour Party) 6,800
Count 10Foster, Rev. I. (Democratic Unionist Party) 4,324

Electorate: 100,198
Poll: 66.0%

7 ElectedQuota 8,058 First Preference Votes
Count 1Hume, J. (Social Democratic and Labour Party) 12,282
Count 1McGuinness, M. (Sinn Féin) 8,207
Count 10McClure, J. (Democratic Unionist Party) 6,857
Count 10Allen, J. (Ulster Unionist Party) 6,107
Count 11Douglas, W. (Ulster Unionist Party) 5,031
Count 13Logue, H. (Social Democratic and Labour Party) 4,828
Count 13Campbell, G. (Democratic Unionist Party) 5,305

Electorate: 84,669
Poll: 75.5%

6 ElectedQuota 8,853 First Preference Votes
Count 1McCrea, Rev. W. (Democratic Unionist Party) 12,282
Count 6Haughey, D. (Social Democratic and Labour Party) 8,413
Count 10 Thompson, W. (Ulster Unionist Party) 5,546
Count 11Kane, A. (Democratic Unionist Party) 3,981
Count 12McSorley, Mrs. M. (Social Democratic and Labour Party) 4,169
Count 12Morrison, D. (Sinn Féin) 6,927

Source: Flackes and Elliott (1994)

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