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Statement by David Trimble, then Leader of the UUP, at Leeds Castle, 16 September 2004

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Text: David Trimble ... Page compiled: Brendan Lynn

Statement by David Trimble, then leader of the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP), Leeds Castle, 16 September 2004


"In October last year we halted the process when Republicans failed to decommission in a clear and transparent way that would, in their own words, ´maximise public confidence´.

Over recent weeks the DUP has been calling on me to make public details from last October. I confirm that we demanded an inventory and percentage of weapons already destroyed; a timetable for the destruction of the remainder of the arsenal, together with a clear and unambiguous statement from the IRA that the war is over. These were pre-requisites to any deal.

Here we are again in another round, still trying to solve the problem of the Republicans´ failure to honour their obligations. Public confidence in the political process is at an all time low."


"Following the restoration of relations with Libya, both Governments know the precise amount of weapons supplied to the IRA by Col. Gaddafi. Together with the information obtained by the intelligence services, a clear picture must be emerging of the total IRA inventory of weapons.

The Ulster Unionist Party calls on the UK and Irish Governments to publish this inventory.

General de Chastelain must free himself from his vow of silence by the IRA to allow him to confirm the percentage of weapons that have already been decommissioned, and then tell us the length of time that will be needed to destroy the remainder of the weapons.

The people of Northern Ireland are entitled to know the volume of weapons still to be decommissioned and the time required to complete the process."


"In addition to the resolution of decommissioning, we need to know that the IRA is being stood down and ceases to exist.

The IRA must make a statement along the following lines to build confidence in the community that the use of force is at an end:

The Republican movement accepts that the Belfast Agreement represents the democratic will of the peoples of the island and is committed to the full implementation of the Agreement in all of its aspects. Our strategies and actions will be directed toward this objective.

In this context the Republican movement affirms that the armed struggle is concluded and will not be resumed. The republican movement will at all times adhere to the principles of democracy and non-violence and to the fundamental principles of human rights.

If the inventory, completion date for decommissioning and a similar statement are delivered, then that opens up a number of possibilities and should get a positive response from Unionists".


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