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Statement by Martin McGuinness on the publication of the Tenth Report of the IMC, (26 April 2006)

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Text: Martin McGuinness... Page compiled: Brendan Lynn

Statement by Martin McGuinness, then Vice-President of Sinn Féin, on the publication of the Tenth Report of the Independemt Monitoring Commission (IMC), (26 April 2006)


"The IMC were established outside the terms of the Good Friday Agreement.

In our view the IMC have no positive or constructive role to play in the peace process. In fact, they have provided the pretext for political discrimination against democratically elected politicians.

As predicted today's report from the IMC, like those before, is top heavy with allegations, but completely devoid of any evidence to back them up. In the past Sinn Féin have challenged the two governments to substantiate specific incidents which the IMC have referred to. They have never been able to do so. Sinn Féin are continuing to challenge the legitimacy of this body in the courts.

The IRA has fulfilled all of the commitments made in the historic statement of July 28th. They have addressed unionist concerns and removed any further excuse for non-engagement. The DUP must now decide if they want to come on board the peace process and see the reestablishment of the political institutions in the immediate time ahead. There are no excuses left for not moving forward."


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