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Statement by Gerry Adams, following the announcement of a permanent ceasefire by ETA, (22 March 2006)

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Text: Gerry Adams ... Page compiled: Brendan Lynn

Statement by Gerry Adams, then President of Sinn Féin, following the announcement of a permanent ceasefire by ETA, (22 March 2006)


"Sinn Fein has been in dialogue with all of the Basque political parties and in particular Batasuna. I have also written to the Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero.

Sinn Féin's objective has been to promote conflict resolution and to assist in whatever way we can the development of a peace process. I welcome today's news from the Basque Country.

ETA's announcement provides all sides to the conflict with an opportunity of historic proportions. Today's announcement gives a considerable boost to the development of a conflict resolution process.

It is incumbent on all sides to the conflict to grasp this opportunity, and to do everything in their power to make political progress a reality.

Sinn Fein believes that the key to progress is an inclusive process of dialogue in which all of the participants are treated on the basis of equality. All possibilities must be on the agenda for discussion.

There is a particular onus and responsibility on the Spanish government to respond positively and creatively.

The Spanish government should immediately intervene to stop the political trials against Batasuna leaders, including Arnaldo Otegi."


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