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Statement by Gerry Adams on Political Situation (10 January 2010)

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Text: Gerry Adams ... Page compiled: Martin Melaugh

Statement by Gerry Adams, then President of Sinn Féin, on the political situation and the Robinson Affair, Belfast, (10 January 2010)


Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP MLA speaking today said that Sinn Féin is determined to, "... see beyond the current difficulties. Our focus is on ensuring that the political institutions work and that they deliver for citizens."

"Whatever happens in the short term the need for partnership, and equality will not go away. Delivering for all the people, honouring agreements, is essential for good governance.”

Mr. Adams said:

"The failure of the DUP to fulfil its political commitments and work the political institutions, as it agreed, on the basis of partnership and equality, has led to a considerable lack of public confidence in the political institutions.

This has been the case for a considerable time before last week’s BBC Spotlight programme. And at the most recent meeting with the DUP on Thursday last, with Martin McGuinness and myself, neither Mr. Robinson nor Nigel Dodds showed any willingness to agree a date for the transfer of powers on policing and justice. This is despite the DUP commitments on this. It is despite the communal and policing need to do so and to have public safety and law and order issues dealt with by the local administration.

Partnership and equality, a date for the transfer of policing and justice powers, Acht na Gaeilge and other issues are all matters which need to be delivered on. This is not about the Robinson’s private family matters. Sinn Féin respect their right to privacy. It is about implementing outstanding political agreements that are essential to good government and public confidence. It may be now dawning, eventually and belatedly, on the two governments that they need to act as guarantors of the agreements they are charged with upholding."


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