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Statement by Gerry Adams (6 January 2010)

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Text: Gerry Adams ... Page compiled: Martin Melaugh

Statement by Gerry Adams, then President of Sinn Féin, in reply to remarks by Shaun Woodward, (6 January 2010)


"Shaun Woodward’s tenure here has been characterised by endlessly banal sound bites without substance. He knows the difficulties in the political process are not ‘difficulties between the DUP and SF’. They are a result of the failure of the DUP to fulfil its obligations under the terms of the Good Friday and the St Andrew’s Agreements.

These Agreements are also accords between the British and Irish governments. It is disingenuous to pass the buck for the failure to implement agreements to Sinn Féin. Sinn Féin is prepared to work through issues with the DUP and Martin McGuinness has shown remarkable leadership and patience in this endeavour.

Continued failure by the British government to face up to it’s responsibilities is unacceptable. No amount of waffle by Shaun Woodward can disguise this. The Governments should be acting on their responsibilities.

The two governments have a duty to act as guarantors of the St Andrew’s Agreement. I told Mr Woodward this yesterday. Martin McGuinness and I also urged the Taoiseach to meet with Gordon Brown on these matters."


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