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Statement by Gerry Adams (SF) on the issues of power-sharing and support for policing, (4 January 2007)

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Text: Gerry Adams... Page compiled: Brendan Lynn

Statement by Gerry Adams, then President of Sinn Féin (SF), on the issues of power-sharing and support for policing, (4 January 2007)


"Last Friday the Sinn Féin Ard Chomhairle backed a proposal to convene a special Ard Fheis on policing. We set out in clear and unequivocal terms the substance of the motion which we would put to the Ard Fheis and our intention to hold this before the end of January. We also set a very clear course forward and stated very plainly that we would be going to the party to ask it to support this motion.

This is a hugely significant step.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair's statement this morning accurately summarises the core of our Ard Fheis motion on policing.

Of course the difficulties which have arisen over recent days are not about Sinn Féin's commitments. We set these out very clearly last Friday. The difficulties, which led to intense negotiations between Sinn Féin and the British government in recent days, were because the DUP did not respond positively.

Republicans want to see a new beginning to policing. We want to move forward. We want our special Ard Fheis to go ahead. But this cannot be a one way street. The DUP also have commitments and responsibilities. We now await their response to Tony Blair's statement."


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