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Statement by Ian Paisley on the Decommissioning of Weapons by the IRA, (26 September 2005)

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Text: Ian Paisley... Page compiled: Martin Melaugh

Statement by Ian Paisley, then leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), on the Decommissioning of Weapons by the IRA, (26 September 2005)


"Over thirty-five years ago IRA/Sinn Fein launched its campaign against Ulsterís place in the United Kingdom.

In the wake of their actions lies a hideous monument to their blood letting brutality and disrespect for every expression of freedom and life.

Today was to be the day when the gun was to be finally taken out of Irish politics, according to the IRA and many in the media.

This afternoon the people of Northern Ireland watched a program which illustrates more than ever the duplicity and dishonesty of the two Governments and the IRA. Instead of openness there was the cunning tactics of cover-up and a complete failure from General John de Chastelain to deal with the vital numerics of decommissioning. We do not know how many guns, ammunition and explosives were decommissioned nor do we know how the decommissioning was carried out. The so-called Independent International Commission for Decommissioning could only say to the people of Northern Ireland that the proof that all the guns and material of the IRA were decommissioned was in an assurance given to them by the IRA. Not one iota was given to verify that assurance. The IICD message was to trust the IRA as the IRA had indicated all weapons had been decommissioned.

The witnesses could only testify that the General was correct in his report and the General had already declared that his report was based on IRA assurances. The witnesses were clearly under the control of the General and they were not given any further opportunity to comment during the press conference. In fact they had no extra detail to add to the proceedings.

It must be clearly stated that both witnesses were approved by the IRA and therefore were accepted by the IRA and in no way could be independent.

The fact remains that the promise made by the Prime Minister, that decommissioning must be transparent and verifiable and must satisfy everyone was broken. There were no photographs, no detailed inventory and no detail of the destruction of these arms. To describe todayís act as being transparent would be the falsehood of the century.

The people of Ulster are not going to be forced by IRA/Sinn Fein or by the two Governments along the pathway of deceitfulness and treachery. The hidden things of darkness are surely coming to light when the extent of the shameful betrayal of truth will be uncovered. Ulster is not for sale and will not be sold."


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