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Statement by Ian Paisley (DUP) following the Talks in St Andrews, Scotland, (13 October 2006)

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Text: Ian Paisley... Page compiled: Martin Melaugh

Statement by Ian Paisley, then leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), following the Talks in St Andrews, Scotland, (13 October 2006)


"The Democratic Unionist Party has made considerable progress throughout the course of these talks on the important issues facing us at this time. Unionism can have confidence that its interests are being advanced and that democracy is winning the day.

The DUP has been consistent in our demand that there must be delivery from the republican movement before devolution can be restored in Northern Ireland. The days of gunmen in government are over.

More work is required on a range of issues, not least in relation to the institutions and structures of devolved government, a financial package and fairness and equality measures for our community. Work will continue in the Assembly and the Preparation for Government Committee on these issues. As we have consistently said, it is deeds and not deadlines that count.

Delivery on the pivotal issue of policing and the rule of law starts today. Everyone who aspires to sit in positions of power in our province must, by both word and deed, demonstrate their unequivocal support for the laws of the land and those whose job it is to enforce them. There is no definitive date for the devolution of policing and justice powers. We remain of the unshakable view that those powers can only be transferred whenever there is the required community confidence.

Over the course of these last few days, DUP negotiators have pressed the Government on a whole host of matters that impact upon the lives of all of the people of Northern Ireland. In many instances, these vital issues would not even be on the agenda were it not for the insistence of the Democratic Unionist Party. In regard to Rates, Water Charges and the Review of Public Administration, we are pleased that in each respect, ultimate decisions will be taken in a future Assembly. In the context of delivery of any overall package, we are pleased to have secured the retention of academic selection. I have received a letter from the Secretary of State to this effect.

We are pledged to consult widely within the community and in the weeks and months ahead, we will be embarking on a widespread consultation process across the Province. We will make no final judgement until that process is complete."


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