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Statement by Ian Paisley on the publication of the Twelfth Report of the Independent Monitoring Commission (IMC), (4 October 2006)

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Text: Ian Paisley... Page compiled: Brendan Lynn

Statement by Ian Paisley, then Leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), on the publication of the Twelfth Report of the Independent Monitoring Commission (IMC), (4 October 2006)


"The assessment by the IMC that the Provisional IRA is progressively abandoning its terrorist structures shows that the pressure being brought to bear on republicans by the unequivocal policies of the DUP is working. As I have indicated on numerous occasions, the days of pushover unionists are gone and Sinn Fein/IRA know that they can no longer expect to be engaged in terrorist and criminal activity and be in government in Northern Ireland. Our unyielding approach forged by the strong mandate given to us in successive elections, has brought about the progress that the IMC reports.

The spotlight on the terrorist and criminality activity of various paramilitary organisations today stands in stark contrast to the time whenever this matter was shunted to the sidelines. The fact that, unlike in the past, this important issue is at the top of the agenda will be welcomed by all of those who wish to see a exclusively peaceful and democratic basis for devolution in Northern Ireland.

We note with concern the ongoing involvement of members of the IRA in criminality. Real and serious doubts remain about the murder of Denis Donaldson and this report has not ruled out the possibility that the Provisional IRA were behind this killing. We will be meeting with the IMC at the earliest opportunity to discuss issues surrounding IRA criminality and whether the progress that has been made is permanent and irreversible. In our discussions with the IMC, we will also be addressing the crucial matter of ongoing terrorist and criminal activity carried out by so-called loyalists. The unionist community overwhelmingly rejects these individuals and their activities and they, like republicans, must desist from such activity.

Sinn Fein/IRA does not support policing and the rule of law. It is for republicans to demonstrate in a practical and convincing way that their days of criminality and terror are gone for good. Democrats have nothing to prove and if Sinn Fein wish to be treated on the same basis as everyone else, then it is for them to now support the Police, the Courts and the rule of law. There can and will be no toleration for those who are half in and half out of the democratic club. They and they alone have the ability to convince the people of Northern Ireland of their bona fides."


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