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1997 Westminster Election - List of Candidates

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Text: Martin Melaugh ... Research: Fionnuala McKenna
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The following is the list of candidates standing in the 1997 Westminster General Election in the 18 constituencies of Northern Ireland. The name of the 'sitting' Member of Parliament (MP) is indicated in bold text.

West Belfast
Adams, Gerry (Sinn Féin)
Daly Mary (Natural Law Party)
Hendron, Joe (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
Kennedy, Liam Human Rights 97
Lowry, John (Workers' Party)
Parkinson, Fred (Ulster Unionist Party)

North Belfast
Campbell, Tom (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Emerson, Peter (Green Party)
Gribben, Andrea (Natural Law Party)
Kelly, Gerry (Sinn Féin)
Maginnis, Alban (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
Treanor, Paul (Workers' Party)
Walker, Cecil (Ulster Unionist Party)

East Belfast
Bell, Joe (Workers' Party)
Collins, David (Natural Law Party)
Corr, Dominic (Sinn Féin)
Dines, Sarah (Conservative Party)
Dougan, Derek (Independent)
Empey, Reg (Ulster Unionist Party)
Hendron, Jim (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Lewsley, Patricia (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
Robinson, Peter (Democratic Unionist Party)

South Belfast
Anderson, James (Natural Law Party)
Boal, Myrtle (Conservative Party)
Cusack, Niall (Labour)
Campbell, Annie (Northern Ireland Women's Coalition)
Hayes, Sean (Sinn Féin)
Lynn, Paddy (Workers' Party)
McBride, Steve (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
McDonnell, Alastair (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
Smyth, Martin (Ulster Unionist Party)

East Antrim
Beggs, Roy
(Democratic Unionist Party)
Dick, Terry (Conservative Party)
Donaldson, Billy (Progressive Unionist Party)
Lindsay, Robert (1990s?)
Neeson, Sean (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
McCann, Maura (Natural Law Party)
McAuley,Christine (Sinn Féin)
O'Connor, Danny (Social Democratic and Labour Party)

South Antrim
Briggs, Barbara (Natural Law Party)
Cushinan, Henry (Sinn Féin)
Ford, David (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Forsythe, Clifford (Ulster Unionist Party)
McClelland, Donovan (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
Smyth, Hugh (Progressive Unionist Party)

North Down
Farrell, Marietta (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
Fee, Leonard (Conservative Party)
McCartney, Bob (United Kingdom Unionist Party)
McFarland, Alan (Ulster Unionist Party)
Morrice, Jane (Northern Ireland Women's Coalition)
Mullins, Thomas (Natural Law Party)
Napier, Oliver (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)

Chalk, Gilbert (Conservative Party)
McCarthy, Kieran (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Mulllins, Sarah (Natural Law Party)
Ó Fachtna, Garret Seaninin (Sinn Féin)
O'Reilly, Peter (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
Robinson, Iris (Democratic Unionist Party)
Taylor, John (Ulster Unionist Party)

Lagan Valley
Close, Seamus (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Donaldson, Jeffrey (Ulster Unionist Party)
Finlay, Hugh (Natural Law Party)
Kelly, Dolores (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
McCarthy, Francis (Workers' Party)
Poots, Edwin (Democratic Unionist Party)
Ramsey, Sue (Sinn Féin)
Sexton, Stuart (Conservative Party)

[Molyneaux, James (Ulster Unionist Party - retiring)]

South Down
Crozier, Julian (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
McKeon, Rose (Natural Law Party)
Murphy, Mick (Sinn Féin)
McGrady, Eddie (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
Nesbitt, Dermot (Ulster Unionist Party)

Upper Bann
Carrick, Mervyn (Democratic Unionist Party)
French, Tom (Workers' Party)
O'Hagan, Bernie (Sinn Féin)
Lyons, Jack (Natural Law Party)
Price, Brian (Conservative Party)
Ramsay, William (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Rodgers, Brid (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
Trimble, David (Ulster Unionist Party)

Newry and Armagh
Evans, David (Natural Law Party)
Kennedy, Danny (Ulster Unionist Party)
Mallon, Seamus (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
McNamee, Pat (Sinn Féin)
Whitcroft, Pete (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)

Mid Ulster
Bogues, Ephrem (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Donnelly, Marian (Workers' Party)
Haughey, Denis (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
McCrea, Willie (Democratic Unionist Party)
McGuinness, Martin (Sinn Féin)
Murray, Maureen (Natural Law Party)

Fermanagh and South Tyrone
Farry, Stephen (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Gallagher, Tommy (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
Gillen, Simeon (Natural Law Party)
Maginnis, Ken (Ulster Unionist Party)
McHugh, Gerry (Sinn Féin)

West Tyrone
Byrne, Joe (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
Doherty, Pat (Sinn Féin)
Gormley, Ann (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Johnstone, Robert (Natural Law Party)
Owens, Tommy (Workers' Party)
Thompson, William (Ulster Unionist Party)

[New constituency - no previous member]

Bell, Eileen (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Brennan, Donn (Natural Law Party)
Hay, William (Democratic Unionist Party)
Hume, John (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
McLaughlin, Mitchel (Sinn Féin)

East Londonderry
Anderson, Ian (National Democrat)
Boyle, Yvonne (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Campbell, Gregory (Democratic Unionist Party)
Doherty, Arthur (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
Gallen, Clare (Natural Law Party)
Holmes, James (Conservative Party)
O'Kane, Malachy (Sinn Féin)
Ross, William (Democratic Unionist Party)

North Antrim
Alderdice, David (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Farren, Sean (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
Hinds, Bronagh (Northern Ireland Women's Coalition)
Leslie, James (Ulster Unionist Party)
McCarry, James (Sinn Féin)
Paisley, Ian (Democratic Unionist Party)
Wright, John (Natural Law Party)

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