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- Identity in Northern Ireland

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While this section is being completed the following publications, and related information, will be of use:

  • Selected reading list
  • Summary
  • Main pages
    • Cash, John D. (1996). 'The Framework Document and its Discontents', a chapter in, Cash, John D. (1996). Identity, Ideology and Conflict: The Structuration of Politics in Northern Ireland. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
    • Commission on Flags, Identity, Culture and Tradition (CFICT). (2021). Commission on Flags, Identity, Culture and Tradition - Final report, (1 December 2021), [PDF; 2617KB]. Belfast: Stormont: The Executive Office. ... [28562] - [Report]
    • Kuusisto, Anna-Kaisa. (1999). 'Politics of place and resistance: the case of Northern Ireland', an article in, Jani Vuolteenaho and Topi Antti Aikas (eds) (1999). Nordia Geographical Publications (NGP) Yearbook 1999, Volume 28, No.2.
    • Melaugh, Martin. (2012). Background note on the protests and violence related to the flag at the Belfast City Hall, December 2012. CAIN: <>
    • Meulemans, Bill. (2013). Chapter 10, 'Culture Wars', in, Belfast: Both Sides Now. Charleston: CreateSpace.
    • Moxon-Browne, Edward. (1991). 'National Identity in Northern Ireland', chapter two in, Stringer, Peter., and Robinson, Gillian. (1991). Social Attitudes in Northern Ireland, the First Report. Belfast: Blackstaff.
    • Nolan, Paul., and Bryan, Dominic. (2016). Flags: Towards a new understanding, (17 February 2016), [PDF; 526KB]. Belfast: Institute of Irish Studies, QUB. ... [20335]
  • list of source material.
    • Items related to the issue of identity listed in the CAIN Bibliography; and
    • Items related to the issue of flags listed in the CAIN Bibliography


CAIN contains information and source material on the conflict and politics in Northern Ireland.
CAIN is based within Ulster University.

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