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Shankill Butchers - Names of the Dead

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Text: Martin Melaugh
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This page provides a list of those killed by the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) gang known as the 'Shankill Butchers'. Some people were killed by prominent members of the Shankill Butchers before the gang was formed in August and September 1975 and these are highlighted. The information has been compiled from a number of sources. The principal sources are: Dillon, M. (1990) 'The Shankill Butchers: A Case Study of Mass Murder', London: Arrow Books; and Sutton, M. (1994) 'An Index of Deaths from the Conflict in Ireland 1969-1993', Belfast: Beyond the Pale Publications.

Chronological list of those killed

    People killed prior to formation of Shankill Butchers

    22 July 1972 Francis Arthurs (34) Catholic civilian
    Abducted (21 July 1972) on Crumlin Road and taken to Lawnbrook Social Club, off the Shankill Road. Tortured, beaten, repeatedly stabbed by Lenny Murphy, then shot at 4.00am. Body dumped at Liffey Street, Lower Oldpark, Belfast.

    July / August 1972 unknown victim Catholic civilian
    Dillon (1990, pp24-25) describes a killing in which Lenny Murphy was involved. The victim was tortured, beaten, stabbed and then shot, in a lock-up garage off the Shankill Road. Dillon was unable to trace the victim because of the number of unsolved crimes at the time.

    13 August 1972 Thomas Madden (48) Catholic civilian
    Abducted (12 August 1972) close to Crumlin Road and taken to a lock-up garage in Lousia Street off the Oldpark Road. Tortured between 10.00pm and 4.00am. Suspended by a rope from a wooden beam, stabbed 147 times, finally died of strangulation. Body dumped in shop doorway, Oldpark Road, Belfast.

    22 September 1972 William Matthews (47) Catholic civilian
    Dillon (1990, p28) indicates that the circumstances of the death of Matthews bore the hallmarks of Lenny Murphy. Tortured, beaten and stabbed to death. Body dumped beside Ballygomartin River, Glencairn Road, Glencairn, Belfast.

    1972 () Catholic civilian

    1972 () Catholic civilian

    People killed by the Shankill Butchers gang

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