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Keynote Statement by the Ulster Democratic Party (UDP), 16 November 1999

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Keynote Statement by the Ulster Democratic Party (UDP), 16 November 1999

"The Ulster Democratic Party welcomes the recent political developments that have taken place within the review process. We view these developments as positive and constructive and providing of a real opportunity for the full implementation of all aspects of the Good Friday Agreement.

The UDP has always considered the backbone of the Good Friday Agreement to be the Northern Ireland Assembly, returning locally-elected, accountable and democratic government to Northern Ireland. In order for the Assembly to function an Executive must be created. However, for that Executive to be credible an adherence to purely peaceful and democratic means by those parties represented within the executive was always an imperative.

The review process has now provided a pathway whereby the twin goals of a stable Executive and a resolution to the conflict are now achievable. It remains for Northern Ireland's political representatives to rise to the challenge.

For its part, the UDP will, as always, continue to make a positive contribution to the ongoing political process.

Finally we pay tribute to the patience, tenacity and political skill of Senator George Mitchell without whom we would not have reached this point.

Northern Ireland owes Senator Mitchell a deep debt of gratitude."

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