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Page Compiled : Fionnuala McKenna and Martin Melaugh
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This is a draft version of some of the source material used in the section on the Anglo-Irish Agreement. It includes a selection of the journal and newspaper articles that were published in the prelude to, and immediate aftermath of the signing of the Anglo-Irish Agreement, and other items which were produced some years later.


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Government Reports

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Other Publications

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National Newspaper Articles

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21 November 1985 'Ulster reaction to the Anglo-Irish Agreement' Spotlight, BBC (30 mins)
[The Anglo-Irish Agreement. A Spotlight special on Ulster reaction to the agreement.]

10 February 1986 'Loyalist reaction to the Anglo- Irish agreement', Panorama, BBC (50 mins)
[Loyalist reaction to the Anglo-Irish agreement and plans to sabotage it.]

16 November 1985, 'The Anglo- Irish Agreement', Newsnight, BBC, (20 mins)
[The Anglo-Irish Agreement. BBC Newsnight on the night of the Commons vote to accept the agreement].

8 April 1986, 'The Anglo- Irish Agreement: Protestant reaction', Spotlight, BBC, (30 mins)
[The prospect of organised intimidation, and rejection of the agreement by the U.D.A. and the Ulster Clubs].

12 November 1987, 'The Anglo- Irish Agreement - Two years on', Spotlight, (30 mins)
[4 days after the Remembrance Day bombing at Enniskillen, Seamus McKee investigates attitudes to the agreement].

14 November 1985, 'The Anglo- Irish Agreement - Day before Signing', Nine O'Clock News, BBC, (10 mins)
[A press release on the agreement on the BBC 9 O'Clock News, 14-11-1985. (the day before signing)].

14 November 1985, 'The Anglo- Irish Agreement, Ian Paisley and James Molyneaux - Press Conference' (25 mins)
[Ian Paisley and James Molyneaux hold a joint press conference outlining their joint opposition to the Agreement]

13 November 1986, 'One year of the Anglo- Irish Agreement', Spotlight, (60 mins)
[Seamus McKee in the studio with John Hume, Ian Paisley and James Molyneaux].

13 November 1986, 'One year of the Anglo- Irish Agreement', Today Tonight, RTE, (125 mins)
[A Today Tonight - Counterpoint (RTE and UTV) special presented by Brian Black and Olivia O'Leary. A filmed report followed by a studio discussion].

22 January 1986, 'Ulster Will Fight', Diverse Reports, (30 mins)
[On the eve of by-elections in N. Ireland, we hear the views of working-class Protestants who are fighting the Anglo-Irish Agreement].

15 November 1985, News coverage of the signing of the Anglo-Irish Agreement on 15 November 1985, Six O'Clock News, (20 mins)
[Six o'clock news coverage of the signing of the Anglo-Irish Agreement].

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