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This site relates to the Central Community Relations Unit (CCRU) from 1987 to 2000. At this point the CCRU was renamed the Community Relations Unit (CRU) and it became part of the Equality Unit of the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister.

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"... promoting equality ... supporting cross-community contact ... encouraging both mutual understanding and the acceptance of cultural diversity ..."

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This web site currently contains a wide range of material which is available under the following sections:

CCRU Home Page The home page of the CCRU web site (the current page) and associated links
background on CCRU general background information about the work of the CCRU
community relations programme of the CCRU information about the community relations programme of the CCRU
equality of opportunity and equity of treatment information about the measures employed to ensure that everyone in Northern Ireland enjoys full equality of opportunity and equity of treatment
research commissioned by the CCRU the information, evaluation and research work carried out by, or funded by, or commissioned on behalf of, the CCRU

One of the largest components of this CCRU Internet site is a searchable database of information on projects funded, in whole or in part, by the CCRU. In addition to information on projects the database also contains information on reports and publications that were written as part of particular projects. There are links from the database to extracts, and in some cases the full text, from the associated reports and publications. This database can be examined by following the database search link. More details can be found on the research page.

This site also contains the contents of the most recent 'Project Directory', with details of all research projects funded from 1994 to 1999 under the Community Relations Measure of the Physical and Social Environment Sub-Programme (PSEP II). The previous 'Project Directory' produced in October 1997 is also available and this provides details of 67 community relations projects which, between 1994 and 1997, received funding through the European Physical and Social Enviornment Sub Programme. More details can be obtained from the community relations page.

During 1998 the Community Relations Practice Research (CRPR) Project was established. This project was designed to draw together information on CR practice and involved questionnaires, interviews, and review of resource material, both published and unpublished. A set of draft web pages and a draft report associated with this work are now available.

Vision Into Practice: The first New TSN Annual Report, 1999 was published in November 1999.

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