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Name McCann Joe - OIRA
Address Joy Street, the Market.
Group/Individual Commemorated Official Irish Republican Army - Joe McCann.
Commissioned By Not known.
Plaque Reads "Joe McCann Staff Capt. I.R.A. Murdered by British paratroopers 15th April 1972".
Date of Erection 13 April 1997
Description The plaque depicts a crouched gunman with a folded tricolour behind.
Notes Plaque on the spot where Joe McCann was shot dead. The image on it is based on a photograph of Joe McCann taken in August 1971, that became one of the most famous of the Troubles: it showed Joe's silhouette against the backdrop of Inglis' Bakery burning. Crouched, he is resting a rifle on his knee and the Starry Plough flag flutters behind him, beating against the flames. It first appeared in "Life" magazine and was soon printed in newspapers around the world following the Official IRA attack on the British Army near the bakery in Eliza Street in the Market area in August 1971, after internment was brought in. The unveiling ceremony of the plaque on the 25th anniversary of the Volunteer's death was somehow unusual as it brought together many republicans of different hues, including Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams, representatives of the 'Official Republican Movement', the Workers Party and the IRSP. Tribute to the Volunteer read by his son Fergal McCann.
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Name Power, Power, O'Reilly and Gargan - INLA
Address Junction of Friendly Street and Stewart Street, the Market.
Group/Individual Commemorated Irish National Liberation Army - James Power, Thomas Power, John O'Reilly and Emanuel Gargan.
Commissioned By The Irish Republican Socialist Ex-.Prisoners Memorial Committee.
Plaque Reads "In proud memory of our fallen comrades Irish National Liberation Army Vol. James 'Jim' Power Killed in action 7 May 1981 Vol. Thomas 'Ta' Power Assassinated 20 January 1987 Vol. John O'Reilly. Assassinated 20 January 1987 Vol. Emanuel Gargan Assassinated 21 March 1987 When the freedom of our country and class has been won let us guard it well remembering it was paid for by the blood and lives of those now dead Erected by the Irish Republican Socialist Ex-Prisoners Memorial Committee".
Date of Erection 11 May 2003
Description Plaque shows the IRSM symbol centred on top and an Irish tricolour crossed with a Starry Plough on each side.
Notes Plaque unveiled by family members of all commemorated Volunteers. Proceedings chaired by Gerard Murray of Teach Na Failte Belfast Memorial Committee. Main speaker at the unveiling ceremony: Gerry Ruddy.
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Name Templeton Jim - FIANNA
Address Lower Ormeau Road.
Group/Individual Commemorated Fianna Eireann (Provisional Irish Republican Army) - Jim Templeton.
Commissioned By Not known.
Plaque Reads "Jim Templeton I ndil chuimhne ar ar gcomradai Fian Jim Templeton Murdered by pro-British death squads 28u Eanair 1960 - 29u Lunasa 1975 Fianna Eireann".
Date of Erection 01 November 1998
Description Plaque outside Sean Graham's Bookmaker. Plaque shows an Irish tricolour and a Fianna Eireann flag, one on each side.
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McCann Joe - OIRA
Power, Power, O'Reilly and Gargan - INLA
Templeton Jim - FIANNA