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'Remembering': Victims, Survivors and Commemoration in Northern Ireland
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This section within the CAIN Web site was launched on 16th June 2009. It contains an extensive on-line digital Archive of source materials and information on the topics of victims, survivors and commemoration in Northern Ireland.

The Web pages within this section form part of the overall CAIN Web site. However, this section is 'self-contained' and has a separate drop down menu system for the various sub-sections and pages. The drop down menu at the top of this page - and all the other pages - provides links to a range of image of menu page information on the issues surrounding the topics of victims, survivors and commemoration of the conflict in Northern Ireland. The bulk of the material was added to the CAIN Web site during the period October 2007 to March 2009 as part of an AHRC-funded project. Additional and new material will continue to be added to this section.

First time users should look at the pages 'Guide to Content' and the 'Site Map' on the 'About' drop down menu. An introductory paper on the topic of victims in Northern Ireland can be found via the 'Introduction' menu. Also in the 'Introduction' menu is a guide which highlights some of the important publications, reports and source materials in the page 'Reading / Sources'.

Users may find it useful to consult the 'Background' information provided including, for example, the glossary of terms, the chronology, and the list of seminars and other events.

The top level / introduction of each section of the drop down menu provides a guide to the content to be found in the lower levels.

Below is a brief guide to the contents of the sub-menus available as part of the drop-down menu.

view buttonGuide to Site
A guide for first time users to the content on site.

view buttonSite Map
A basic layout of the site.

view buttonProject Background
Some information about the running of the project, the project team, etc.

view buttonFunding
A note about the funding organisation.

view buttonAcknowledgements
A brief note of acknowledgement.

view buttonContact
Contact details for anyone require additional information.


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