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United Unionist Action Council (UUAC) Strike (1977)
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Text and Research: Fionnuala McKenna and Brendan Lynn
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This is a draft version of some of the source material used in the section on the United Unionist Action Council (UUAC) Strike, from 3 May to 13 May 1977. It contains books, a selection of journal articles, and some newspaper articles which were published during and immediately after the strike.

General Texts
(There is no single book that deals exclusively with the UUAC Strike. Each of the following contain some information on the events.)

Aughey, Arthur., and Morrow, Duncan. (eds.) (1996) Northern Ireland Politics. Harlow: Longman.
Bardon, Jonathan. (1992) A History of Ulster. Belfast: Blackstaff.
Bew, Paul., and Gillespie, Gordon. (1999) Northern Ireland: A Chronology of the Troubles. Dublin: Gill & Macmillan.
Bruce, Steve. (1994) The Edge of the Union: The Ulster Loyalist Political Vision. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Bruce, Steve. (1992) The Red Hand: Protestant Paramilitaries in Northern Ireland. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Bruce, Steve. (1986) God Save Ulster: The Religion and Politics of Paisleyism. Oxford: Clarendon.
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Smyth, Clifford.(1987) Ian Paisley: Voice of Protestant Ulster. Edinburgh: Scottish Academic.
Taylor, Peter. (1999) Loyalists. London: Bloomsbury.

Journal Articles (in chronological order)

The Economist
n.a. (1977) 'Ulster: No Happy New Year', The Economist, 1 January, pp. 13-14.
n.a. (1977) 'Ulster: UUUgh!', The Economist, 23-29 April, pp. 20-22.
n.a. (1977) 'King Billy's head', The Economist, 7-13 May, pp. 10-12.
n.a. (1977) 'Ian Paisley keeps losing, but the battle has still to be won', The Economist, 14-20 May, pp. 19-20.
n.a. (1977) 'An Opportunity', The Economist, 21-27 May, p.21.

Macnee, Calvin. (1977) 'Back to the Good Old Days', Fortnight, No.146, 29 April, p.2.
n.a. (1977) 'Paisley's Action Council', Fortnight, No. 146, 29 April, p.3.
Macnee, Calvin. (1977) 'To the Precipice - and Beyond', Fortnight, No.147, 13 May, p.2.
n.a. (1977) 'Ian Paisley and Democracy', Fortnight, No.147, 13 May, p.3.
Nelson, Sarah. (1977) 'Strike Points', Fortnight, No.147, 13 May, p.4.
Macnee, Calvin. (1977) 'Forming Fours', Fortnight, No.148, 27 May, p.2.
n.a. (1977) 'The Coalition Game', Fortnight, No.148, 27 May, p.3.
n.a. (1977) 'April Diary', Fortnight, No.148, 27 May, pp. 9-13.
n.a. (1977) 'May Diary', Fortnight, No.150, 23 June, pp. 9-13.

New Statesman
Holland, Mary. (1977) 'Ulster learns the Score', New Statesman, 25 March, p.390.
Holland, Mary. (1977) 'The Ulster Strike', New Statesman, 6 May, pp. 587-88.
Holland, Mary. (1977) 'Dr Paisley's Reverse', New Statesman, 13 May, pp. 634-35.
Holland, Mary. (1977) 'Playing Footsie with the Unionists', New Statesman, 22 July, pp. 103-104.
Jones, Mervyn. (1977) 'The end is not yet', New Statesman, 23 September 1977, pp.392-394.

New Society
Nelson, Sarah. (1977) 'The 11-day dead end', New Society, 19 May 1977, pp.399-340.

Newspaper Articles

National Newspaper Articles
Blundy, David., and Ryder, Chris. (1977) 'Make or break for Paisley's putsch', The Sunday Times, 8 May 1977, p.17.
Brown, Derek. (1977) 'Ulster's power struggle', The Guardian, 5 May 1977, p.13.
Brown, Derek., and McHardy, Anne. (1977) 'Behind the lines in Ulster's war of propaganda', The Guardian, 13 May 1977, p.13.
McHardy, Anne. (1977) 'No surrender to the hardliners' pressure', The Guardian, 11 May 1977, p.13.
Kiely, Niall., and Clingan, Willie. (1977) 'Paramilitaries step up strong-arm tactics as work levels increase', The Irish Times, 10 May 1977, pp.1,6.
McKittrick, David. (1977) 'Workers face intimidation as strike begins', The Irish Times, 3 May 1977, pp.1,4.
McKittrick, David. (1977) 'Anatomy of a strike that went awry', The Irish Times, 7 May 1977, p.4.
McKittrick, David. (1977) 'Paisley's power switched off', The Irish Times, 14 May 1977, p.11.
Parker, Robert. (1977) 'Ulster Loyalists claim success as 11-day strike is called off', The Times, 14 May 1977, p.1.
Ryder, Chris. (1977) 'Ulster: Mason now has the ball, the whistle and is making the rules', The Sunday Times, 15 May 1977, p.3.
Smyth, Clifford. (1977) 'Strike was a tragedy for Paisley', The Irish Times, 17 May 1977, p.10.
Utley, T.E. (1977) 'Loyal to the end but not the means', The Daily Telegraph, 9 May 1977, p.16.
Walker, Christopher. (1977) 'Mr. Paisley: this unholy alliance with Ulster's men of violence', The Times, 13 May 1977, p.16.
Times Editorial. (1977) 'Ulster works on', The Times, 7 May 1977, p.15.
Iris Times Editorial. (1977) 'Strike Lessons', The Irish Times, 9 May 1977, p.9.
Guardian Editorial. (1977) 'Mr. Paisley on the slide', The Guardian, 11 May 1977, p.12.

Northern Ireland Newspaper Articles
Bromley, Michael., and Simpson, Billy. (1977) 'The sayings of the strike', [Daily diary of the war of words], The Belfast Telegraph, 11 May 1977, p.8.
McCreary, Alf. (1977) 'In the frightened city ... Day one of the Loyalist strike: an eyewitness account', The Belfast Telegraph, 4 May 1977, p.7.
Wallace, John. (1977) 'The workers' answer', The Belfast Telegraph, 6 May 1977, p.7.
Belfast Telegraph Reporter. (1977) 'The challenge is taken up', The Belfast Telegraph, 4 May 1977, p.1.
Belfast Telegraph Reporter. (1977) 'Strike is to end - Report', The Belfast Telegraph, 14 May 1977, p.1.
Belfast Telegraph Reporter. (1977) 'The strike ends but "the struggle goes on" ', The Belfast Telegraph, 14 May 1977, p.3.
Belfast Telegraph Editorial. (1977) 'Viewpoint - Call it off', The Belfast Telegraph, 9 May 1977, p.1.

Television Programmes

5 May 1977, This Week, (ITV) [The UUAC Strike]
15 May 1977, 'Politics after the lock-out', Weekend World, (ITV) [The UUAC Strike]
19 May 1977, 'Ulster: the right to strike', Documentary, (UTV) [Interviews with those who participated in the UUAC Strike]


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