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The Linen Memorial

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The Linen Memorial
All those who were killed in the Northern Ireland conflict. The memorial is based on the list of names that appears in 'Lost Lives'.
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Date of Incident:
11 June 1966
"The Linen Memorial is an on-going site conscious memorial installation which seeks to re-narrate the 3,721 deaths which occurred during ?the troubles? in Northern Ireland. An intimate, yet public, monument to those killed, The Ulster or Irish Linen Memorial is created on white, linen squares or handkerchiefs, with the names initially printed (2001), then overstitched with embroidery (2004-2009), and more recently work has started (2010) to stitch the first names with hair. The names of the dead are based on the list published in the book ?Lost Lives?. The physical layout of the linen squares changes with each exhibition venue. The piece has been shown in the USA, Australia, Northern Ireland, and Canada. The memorial was originally funded by a visual art grant from the Canada Council for the Arts, in February 2001; additional funding since that year is listed on the Web site devoted to the piece:
The Linen Memorial is displayed in association with audio recordings of the names of the dead being read. A soundscape of a complete 'compressed and randomised' Names Reading during which all the names are read on 2 or 4 channels (speakers) within 40 minutes in total.
Part 1 - 20 minutes
Part 2 - 20 minutes
The audio was produced by Lycia Trouton DCA (visual art) in collaboration with Stephen Perrett PhD (psycho-acoustics - audio localisation). The names are those listed in 'Lost Lives' and they were randomised for recording. The readers, formerly from Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, who live in Australia and Canada, were: Aidan Moore, Jim Clinton, Robert Trouton, Margaret Barman, Tania and Conor Bradley, Isabel Truesdale, Lizz Murphy and Delores O'Riordan. (The You Tube clips are best listened to using headphones.)"
Each linen square (handkerchief) contains 10 names which were originally printed onto the piece in 2001 and then overstitched with chain stitch during the years 2004-2009.
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Location Address:
Portneuf near Quebec City
Quebec, Canada.
Location Guide:
See the Web site for informaiton on where the memorial is being exhibited:
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Physical Type:
Other, Installation
Physical Materials:
Cloth, Linen
Building Interior
Public Restricted (only viewable when it appears at an exhibtion).
Post Unveiling:
The piece has been shown in the USA, Australia, Northern Ireland, and Canada. It continues to tour. When not on tour the piece is held with the artist either in British Columbia, Canada or in Quito, Ecuador.
Commissioned By:
Lycia Trouton
Date Unveiled:
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There is more information at the following Web site:
See also: Trouton, Lycia Danielle. (2007). 'The Linen Memorial', Humanities Research Vol XIV. No.2. (
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