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'Remembering': Victims, Survivors and Commemoration
Sutton's Index of Deaths
Database and Information by Malcolm Sutton

image of book cover Malcolm Sutton's book 'An Index of Deaths from the Conflict in Ireland, 1969-1993' was published in 1994. This was the first published listing of deaths that resulted from the conflict. With his permission the information - updated and revised - was published on the CAIN site in October 1999. Later it was updated to December 2001. The full dataset and search facilities are to be found in the main section of CAIN at this URL:
This remains the only full-text listing of deaths available and searchable on-line.

Sutton, Malcolm. (2001). Sutton Index of Deaths, 1969-2001, (A searchable database of information on all the deaths that occurred as a result of the conflict). CAIN:


Use of Sutton's Information in Victims' Archive

As part of the new section on victims, survivors and commemoration Malcolm Sutton gave permission for the information to be displayed alongside the information on physical memorials and also the photographs of the victims of the conflict. However, users are advised to consult the main database for details on the background to the database.


Links from CAIN Chronology to Sutton's Information

As part of the CAIN / AHRC-funded project the main CAIN chronology was updated with information on deaths from the conflict and at the same time links were added between this main chronology and Sutton's 'Index of Deaths'. As a first step all incidents involving multiple deaths, and also significant individual deaths, are now linked to Sutton's information by one of the following 'buttons':

death button     or     death button

Clicking on these links from within the main chronology opens a new browser window to display information on the death or deaths that occurred on that date.


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