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Organisation Responsible for the death:
British Army (BA) 299
British Police (BP) 1
Catholic Reaction Force (CRF) 3
Direct Action Against Drugs (DAAD) 5
Garda Siochana (GS) 4
Irish Army (IA) 1
Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) 113
Irish People's Liberation Organisation (IPLO) 22
Irish People's Liberation Organisation Belfast Brigade (IPLOBB) 2
Irish Republican Army (IRA) 1705
Loyalist Retaliation and Defence Group (LRDG) 2
Loyalist Volunteer Force (LVF) 18
non-specific Loyalist group (LOY) 256
non-specific Republican group (REP) 92
not known (nk) 77
Official Irish Republican Army (OIRA) 53
People's Liberation Army (PLA) 3
People's Republican Army (PRA) 4
Protestant Action Force (PAF) 37
Protestant Action Group (PAG) 5
real Irish Republican Army (rIRA) 29
Red Hand Commando (RHC) 13
Red Hand Defenders (RHD) 8
Republican Action Force (RepAF) 24
Royal Air Force (RAF) 1
Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) 55
Saor Eire (SE) 3
Ulster Defence Association (UDA) 113
Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR) 8
Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF) 147
Ulster Special Constabulary (USC) 1
Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) 428

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Footnotes - Age: (-9) missing. Religion: Catholic from Catholic community in NI; Protestant from Protestant community in NI; nfNI not from Northern Ireland killed in Northern Ireland; nfNIB killed in Britain; nfNIRI killed in Republic of Ireland. nfNIE killed elsewhere in Europe; Religion Summary: Catholic from Catholic community in NI; Protestant from Protestant community in NI; nfNI not from Northern Ireland. Status: status of person killed. Organisation: Organisation responsible for the killing. Summary of Status & Organsiation: British Security - British Security Forces; Republican Paramilitary - Republican Paramilitary Groups; Loyalist Paramilitary - Loyalist Paramilitary Groups; Irish Security - Irish Security Forces; not_known - organisation not known. Status & Organisation: (Civ) Civilian; (CivPA) Civilian Political Activist; (BA) British Army; (TA) British Army Territorial Army; (BP) British Police; (PO) Prison Officer; (xPO) ex-Prison Officer; (RAF) Royal Air Force; (RIR) Royal Irish Regiment; (RN) Royal Navy; (RUC) Royal Ulster Constabulary; (xRUC) ex-Royal Ulster Constabulary; (UDR) Ulster Defence Regiment; (xUDR) ex-Ulster Defence Regiment; (INLA) Irish National Liberation Army; (xINLA) ex-Irish National Liberation Army; (IPLO) Irish People's Liberation Organisation; (IPLOBB) Irish People's Liberation Organisation Belfast Brigade; (IRA) Irish Republican Army; (xIRA) ex-Irish Republican Army; (IRAF) Irish Republican Army Youth Section; (REP) non-specific Republican group; (OIRA) Official Irish Republican Army; (xOIRA) ex-Official Irish Republican Army; (OIRAF) Official Irish Republican Army Youth Section; (PLA) People's Liberation Army; (rIRA) real Irish Republican Army; (SE) Saor Eire; (LVF) Loyalist Volunteer Force; (LOY) non-specific Loyalist group; (RHC) Red Hand Commando; (UDA) Ulster Defence Association; (xUDA) ex-Ulster Defence Association; (UVF) Ulster Volunteer Force; (xUVF) ex-Ulster Volunteer Force; (GS) Garda Síochána; (IA) Irish Army; (nk) organisation not known.
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