Photographs by William L. Rukeyser

Bloody Sunday, 30 Jan 1972, Derry, Northern Ireland

Colour photographs taken on Bloody Sunday

Photograph 23 of 24
Photograph  23  of  24
Title: Civilian ambulance (1)
Caption: A civilian ambulance that tried to pick up the wounded. A group of by-standers are finding cover at the front of the ambulance and two of them are holding white handkerchiefs in an attempt to to signal to the soldiers nearby.

Photographer: William L. Rukeyser
Date: 30 January 1972
Filename: William-L-Rukeyser_(c)_R3N04_E020
Copyright: The above image is copyrighted © The National Library of Ireland; photograph by William L. Rukeyser. A copy of the image may be downloaded for 'private study' or personal use. Anyone requiring a copy for commercial use, or use at a Web site, should contact The National Library of Ireland for further information.

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