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The following information has been provided by Roddy Evans and David Hume
[Last update 5 June 2015]



Photo of Roddy EvansJames Roderick Evans was born in Co. Meath, Ireland, in 1923. He graduated in medicine from Trinity College, Dublin and the Adelaide Hospital in 1947 and became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in 1951. He practiced medicine in Dublin and London and later in Asia and South America and has travelled widely in the Middle East and Southern Africa. In 1971 he returned to live in Belfast, where he has experienced at first-hand the unfolding of the historic developments in Northern Ireland over the last thirty years.




Evans, Roddy. (2005). Glimpses Into the Past: Memoir of an Irish Anglican. Belfast: Published by author. [PDF; 1071KB]


Evans, Roddy. (1999). The Second Conversion of Dr. George Dallas. Belfast: Published by author. [PDF; 135KB]

Evans, Roddy. (2002). Where I sensed the Breath of God – A footnote in Anglo-Irish History. Belfast: Published by author. [PDF; 376KB]

Evans, Roddy. (2004). Reminiscences from a Province in civil conflict – a personal experience. Belfast: Published by author. [PDF; 236KB]


Evans, J.R., Porter, E.M., Porter, W.A., and Turpin, S.E. (1977). A statement made by four Trinity College Dublin graduates, (30 May 1977), [PDF; 36KB]. Dublin: Published by Irish Times and other newspapers.

Evans, Roddy. (2010). 'End of a chapter in Northern Ireland', (Statement about the Saville Report on Bloody Sunday), (22 July 2010), [PDF; 169KB]. Initiatives of Change: <>

Evans, Roddy. (2012). 'Some reflections on the role played by Queen Elizabeth in Anglo-Irish relations 1995 – 2012', (November 2012), [PDF; 78KB]. Initiatives of Change: <>

Evans, Roddy. (2014). 'History in the Making', (23 April 2014), [PDF; 114KB]. Initiatives of Change: <http://>

Evans, Roddy. (2015). 'A Royal Endeavour', (29 May 2015), [PDF; 121KB]. Initiatives of Change: <http://>


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The book and pamphlets are also available at the following Web site: [Link not working - January 2013]


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CAIN contains information and source material on the conflict and politics in Northern Ireland.
CAIN is based within Ulster University.

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