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This DRAFT page contains details of a project - funded by the Reconciliation Fund - to compile the speeches, statements, articles, etc., by John Hume during his political career (1964 to 2004).
The on-going work on this project is being carried out by Martin Melaugh.
[Last update 24 January 2020]


The work on this project began with a donation of source materials that Sean Farren had collected during the research on his book: Farren, Sean. (Ed.) (2017). John Hume: In his own words. Dublin: Four Courts Press. We would like to thank Sean Farren for his assistance with this project.

DFAT logo This project was funded (in December 2019) by the Reconciliation Fund of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Dublin.


This page will be updated with information about the on-going work on the project.

Note: There are already a number of resources about John Hume in the CAIN archive.

See also: Ulster University is the location for the Hume O'Neill Chair in Peace which is held by Professor Brandon Hamber.

John Hume - List of speeches, etc.

CAIN Bibliography - Current list of speeches, statements, articles, etc. by John Hume

CAIN Bibliography - All items about John Hume

A Selection of Books about John Hume

Drower, George M. (1995). John Hume: Peacemaker. London: Gollancz. ... [2427] - [Book]
Farren, Sean. (Ed.) (2017). John Hume: In his own words. Dublin: Four Courts Press. ... [22958] - [Book]
Farren, Sean., and Haughey, Denis. (eds) (2015). John Hume: Irish peacemaker. Dublin: Four Courts Press. ... [20094] - [Book]
Fitzpatrick, Maurice. (2017). John Hume in America: From Derry to DC. Newbridge, Co. Kildare: Irish Academic Press. ... [22971] - [Book]
Murray, Gerard. (1998). John Hume and the SDLP: Impact and Survival in Northern Ireland. Dublin: Irish Academic Press. ... [3109] - [Book]
Routledge, Paul. (1997). John Hume: A Biography. London: HarperCollins. ... [4380] - [Book]
White, Barry. (1984). John Hume: Statesman of the Troubles. Belfast: Blackstaff. ... [1901] - [Book]

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CAIN contains information and source material on the conflict and politics in Northern Ireland.
CAIN is based within Ulster University.

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